Portrait of protesters

Portrait de manifestants

In tribute to George Floyd and to denounce the brutality and racism, the protesters gathered Sunday in Montreal, Quebec and Sherbrooke.

But who are these protestors and why the struggle for equality?

Here is the picture of some of them, met in Montreal.

Ruben, 31 years old, and his wife

“If one has a child one day, it will be métis. I don’t want my children to be discriminated against,” said Ruben, aged 31, holding his wife by the hand.

“I don’t want to tell my [future] children that they must do more than others to succeed, they must be afraid of the police”, said this past.

Jhostia Francisco, 41 years old, and Jennifer Da Costa, 37 years

“I was born here and I grew up here […]. Every time I am asked “where do you come from?”, I don’t feel part of the community of quebec,” said Jhostia Francisco, 41 years (to the left).

“I can’t believe that one is in 2020 […]. It is time for this to change”, is full of Jennifer Da Costa, 37 years (to the right).

Patricia Joyal, a 15-year-old, and his sister Florence, age 17

“This is really ridiculous, what is happening in the United States,” says Frédérique Joyal, a 15-year-old. “It should not happen like that.”

She came to the protest with her sister Florence Joyal, 17 years old. “We recognize that there are many injustices between the colors,” said the latter.

Arianne Paredes, 25 years old, and Sherley Clermont, 21 years old

Arianne Paredes, 25 years (to the left), rumored to have itself suffered from racial profiling, while she was driving the Camaro of his father. The agents have challenged to know where was the car. It is satisfied that this would not have happened if she had been white. “I’m here because it’s Legault denies that there is systemic racism. This demo serves to open the eyes [of the people].”

“I’m there for my brothers and sisters in the United States. And because I’ll probably know about [racism] in my life,” says Sherley Clermont, 21 years (to the right).

Adele Major, 24 years old, and Roxane Larouche, 23 years old

“This is not normal that there are still inequalities […]. We must support them [victims of racism],” said Roxane LaRouche, 23 years old (right).

She came to the protest with her friends, who have all grown up on the South Shore of the Montreal region, in a suburb where they could not be facing this problem or be witnesses. “[What happens in the United States] made us aware of this cause-there”, is full of Adele Major, 24 years (to the left).

Ritchy César, 21 years old

“Each time I enter a trade, I fear because of the color of my skin. […] Everywhere, I’m always afraid,” says Ritchy César, 21 years.

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