Positive for COVID, a couple regrets going on a trip to Cuba

COVID Positive Couple Regrets Traveling To San Francisco Cuba


A Quebec couple regrets their decision to travel to Cuba in the midst of a pandemic, despite federal government recommendations to avoid non-essential travel abroad.

Both spouses tested positive for COVID-19 seven days ago. 

They were transported by ambulance to a quarantine hotel where they are waiting to receive a negative result in order to return home. 

The couple say they were unable to enjoy their vacation due in particular to the stress surrounding COVID-19 and the screening tests.

“With the stress, also, at the hotel, of testing positive because that at the hotel, the world is not more informed of what awaits us if ever [we are declared positive]. So at the hotel, among Quebecers, we were all a little stressed,” says Adam Driad. 

The uncertainty in which travelers are left makes their stay in Cuba more stressful than pleasant, maintains -il.

“Even at the hotel we were stressed. We couldn't wait for the trip to end to hear the negative word. So we didn't take advantage at all in the end,” he laments. 

The two Quebecers invite those who are thinking of traveling to Cuba soon to review their plans. 

< p>“Cuba has had a lot of trouble with COVID and it's not worth spending your money anyway, especially not to arrive in a hotel like we are at the moment,” says Laurence Gélinas-Dion.< /p>

She adds that although the couple had not contracted the virus, the stay was disappointing. 

“Even initially it was not worth the trip says the young woman. 


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