Potap and his mentee Karina Arsentyeva fascinated the audience at “the voice of the country 9”

The audience was surprised by the new image of the famous producer and artist

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Потап и его подопечная Карина Арсентьева заворожили публику на "Голос країни 9"


During the live broadcast of the final show of “the Voice Krainy 9” there were many musical surprises. The participants played the best songs and managed to sing a duet with their star coaches.

Karina Arsentiev and her mentor Potap surprised the audience with the song selection, and then by speech. Potap from the usual rap artist turned into a romantic pop singer.Karina Arsentieva they performed became super popular song Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper from the movie “a Star is born” – Shallow.

In the comments under the video, viewers left their comments. Many were surprised by the vocal data of Potap and his incredible energy. The audience noted that Karina him with such gorgeous vocals “is obliged to win the show.”

“Potap surprised. Cool idea. Sang great!”, “This is what a space! Potap mega pleased with this performance, and Karina at all…”, “Gorgeous. A very strong voice. Worthy of 1st place,” wrote netizens.

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