Potap and Nastya Kamensky pleased with the Ukrainians recognition: together

Потап и Настя Каменских порадовали украинцев признанием: вместе

Popular Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky recalled the days of the existence of the duet “Potap and Nastya”. The message of a pleasant anniversary, the artiste posted on his Instagram page.

“Today is a very special date: 13 years ago was born our duet “Potap and Nastya”. It all started with two people, Alex and Nastya, who really burned the idea to make people happy, and turned into a real musical triumph, which has grown a whole generation,” wrote Kamensky.

The singer thanked his counterpart for the years of fruitful cooperation side-by-side, for an inexhaustible source of inspiration and creative energy.

“Thank you @realpotap over the years that we work with you side by side, together, experiencing a million emotions, moments, and took off. Together we are the power, to do with you – an inexhaustible source of inspiration and creative energy! You’re an innovator and created a landmark for our show-business projects. What would not have touched your talented hand simply doomed to success,” she added.

Потап и Настя Каменских порадовали украинцев признанием: вместе

Ukrainian singer noted that there awaits them a lot of mind-blowing heights!

“Despite the pause in the duet, we continue to create together music that knows no boundaries, it becomes history and remains in the hearts of millions of people,” she concluded.

The post Nastya Potap responded with the comment: “Thank you Sun”.

In the comments fans expressed regret and sadness that the Duo no longer exists, but still hope that more will hear the new song “Potap and Nastya” and thanked the talented singer: “You together – unreal tandem. Thank you for the wonderful tracks”, “Thank you, dear, this is one of the best musical projects and a lot of cool songs.”

Recall, Potap and Nastya Kamensky shocked the most important recognition: together for 13 years.

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Also the celebrity has posted a new picture with the Sofia square in Kiev, dressed in a long black dress.


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