Potap, Andre tan, Zlata ognevich and others told how preparing for Easter

The celebrity told what cakes they prefer

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Потап, Андре Тан, Злата Огневич и другие рассказали, как готовятся к Пасхе


Ukrainian artists in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”, which airs weekdays at 6:30 on the channel “Ukraine”, spoke about how to prepare for Easter, where meet the bright holiday and what flavors PASOK prefer.

On the eve of Easter day popular artists discovered the secrets of his celebration. So Potapov said that once came to the temple immediately after the concert, at 5 o’clock in the morning.

“Father is coming, spraying his Holy water, he was honoring Easter. I stand with this cross is huge, it fits and sprinkles my face with the words: “it is not good that the cross was more than the father,” – said Potapov in the air “Ranok z with Ukraine”.

Oleh Skrypka traditionally goes to Holy Pasca at Mamayeva Sloboda, where there is the wooden Cossack Church, and Paul Zibrov – to a special priest.

Потап, Андре Тан, Злата Огневич и другие рассказали, как готовятся к Пасхе

Pavlo Zibrov

“Sprinkles us the father, drench with water so that we just to dry run, or fifty grams – you can have a drink and something to eat,” – said Pavlo Zibrov.

Artem Pivovarov, Jiji and Olga Cybulski said that surely this day must be in the family circle.

“Easter tradition to see grandmother. I long ago she was not. I hope to eat eggs this year with her,” said Olga Cybulski in the broadcast channel “Ukraine”.

Потап, Андре Тан, Злата Огневич и другие рассказали, как готовятся к Пасхе

Olga Cybulski showed son

But with regard to flavors, the star here opinions were divided: some like to cook the cakes on their own, others order, and some even already found the Easter cakes for special preferences. For example, Iryna Bilyk and Dmytro Kolyadenko this year will enjoy a low calorie Easter. Zlata ognevich furnace itself Pasca will not, but I have already ordered them a few masters.

Famous designer Andre tan said that, along with her daughter preparing for their favorite holiday: “Sonia – my daughter has already prepared eggs, which she will paint. So we have a good tradition – we are always with Sonia to paint the eggs and beat them. As for PASOK, they have to be cooked with love is the important thing. And I love that there is a lot of oil and sweets on top,” shared Andre tan.

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