Potap did Vitali Klitschko tempting offer: we you going to do the art

Потап сделал Виталию Кличко заманчивое предложение: мы из тебя будем делать искусство

Famous Ukrainian singer and producer Potap commented on the new clip of the song MOZGI Digitalization. The actor said that still waiting for the call of the mayor.

In the song the group played on the embarrassment of the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko at the world economic forum in Davos. Klitschko during the discussion of the digitalization in Davos could barely pronounce the word in English.

Потап сделал Виталию Кличко заманчивое предложение: мы из тебя будем делать искусство

“I’m still waiting for Vitali, waiting and looking for you. Vitaly, tell me more, do what you want, we’ll make art, thank you. You were in art when he was Boxing, now in the city hall, and now in music”, – said Potapov Klitschko during an interview with Katya Osadchaya.

The rapper said that the song was not a mockery of the mayor of the capital.

“It would be like a joke, if we took and laughed about it, and when his phrase became part of a musical work, it is, I think we’ve done free advertising for Vitaly. Because that did not happen, he does not stop,” – said the producer.

In addition, Potapov turned to Vitali Klitschko with a tempting offer and even ready to write the former boxer a few songs.

“We invite Vitaly to come to our Studio directly and live with us to record some songs. Because he is a very talented man, which is his speech on German television. I saw him recently and he told me: “Potap, you know, I remember thousands of verses.” And we are people are very useful, because we always forget texts,” added the rapper.

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