Potap revealed the secret wedding with Kamensky: “not Even second”

Потап раскрыл тайну свадьбы с Каменских: "Даже не вторая"

today, 15:48

In may, famous Ukrainian singers Nastya Kamenskih and Potap legalize their relationship. However, according to the singer, they actually got married much earlier. About the Sweats said in an interview with The Flow.

Потап раскрыл тайну свадьбы с Каменских: "Даже не вторая"

Potap and Nastya Kamensky

“It has been a few times when we joined her in legitimate marriage. The outdoor wedding, which everyone saw, was already the nth price. Not even a second, man,” said the rapper.

He also openly admitted about when the relationship between them developed into something bigger than just working.

“Nastia the contract ended, she called her producers, she decided to leave. I was so hurt by this. Not because I’m the owner. Not because we lost this Duo that I am half the time hated. I did not know why. I said, “To whom are you going?! Where?! So scram!”. But inside is a completely different reaction. Then there was a similar moment — I wanted to lose my friendship, and I was going to leave. And then came back, very drunk, and said to her: “I love you. Will not let go! You are mine.” I woke up on the plane, she told me: “do you remember what You said?”. Me: “No I don’t remember nothing.” And we began outdoor power contact with each other because opened that door,” — says Potap.

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Потап раскрыл тайну свадьбы с Каменских: "Даже не вторая"

Potap and Nastya Kamensky

We will remind that Nastya Kamensky put in Storys racy selfie in the mirror of the dance Studio, rehearsing the speech at the awards ceremony of the TV channel “M1”

As reported by the portal Znayu Nastya Kamenskikh has proved that he is the best in Ukraine directly into “M1 Music Awards. 2019”.

The portal also Znayu wrote that Potap and Irina Gorovaya after a divorce was able to maintain a joint business and friendly relations.

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