Potap suddenly spill the beans about the wedding in his life: “not Even a second, dude”

Потап неожиданно проболтался о свадьбах в своей жизни: "Даже не вторая, чувак"

Potap and Nastya, photo: Instagram

yesterday, 20:16

Ukrainian musician Potapov said that it was difficult to hide the relationship with Anastasia Kamenskih. He told about it in interview to Flow.

He admitted that they many times wanted to talk about their relationship, but were always reasons to not to.

“Several times I really wanted to tell, but there were reasons not to. Interfered with my image of a father and family man — and he was real. Everyone thought we were married with Irina (Irina Gorovaya — ex-wife Potap, producer Mozgi Entertainment — approx. The Flow), but we are already 5 years divorced,” he admits.

Потап неожиданно проболтался о свадьбах в своей жизни: "Даже не вторая, чувак"

Potap and Nastya Kamensky, realpotap

They constantly played with others in the game and said that there’s nothing between them. They knew that no one has evidence.

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“- And then I became myself unpleasant, because they hide their woman. It’s rude to Nastya. We talked and decided: “All tired, let’s do the next wedding.”

— “Following”?

— Have been several times when we entered with her in legitimate marriage. The outdoor wedding, which everyone saw, was already the nth price. Not even a second, dude.”

Recall, Potap showed how spending the weekend with his son after his marriage with Kamensky.

As reported Know. ua, Kamensky went to Spain without Potap what happened.

Also Know As. ua wrote that the farm showed how a break from music.

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