Potapov said that thinking about going solo Nastya Kamenskih

Потап рассказал, что думает о сольной карьере Насти Каменских

Potapov commented on considerable success of the singer Nastya Kamenskih.

About his attitude to his solo career artist, he said in the program “social life,” reports the Chronicle.info with reference to 24tv.ua.

The rapper and producer said that he has no envy to the success of Nastya Kamenskih, because it is common to both artists. Therefore, all who expect enmity to the former Duo, that will never happen.

“Everyone would want that we with Nastya were rivals, was said to Olga Freimut, that we were fighting. But we are on such a level that now all her achievements are my achievements and all my achievements are her achievements. I am a very popular dude. Not to say that more popular than Pritula, but I try” – with humor said Potap.

In addition, the singer has not paid attention to his duet with Oleg Vinnik. Potap made fun of his fan group has since grown.

I have a second wave of popularity, because now I love women age. Now I love different women. Now meet me near the shop and say, “well, you’re the captain, we love you so,”– said Potapov.

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