Power outages: “I’m exhausted”

Pierrette Labranche has enough. His business, the JC Rocket Troubleshooter in East Bolton, was running for more than 30 hours during the weekend. She deplores Hydro-Québec’s communications, which she says keep citizens in the dark.
After nearly running out of power on Friday night, the Bolton-Est troubleshooter had to wait until late Sunday afternoon before finding electricity. An unacceptable situation according to the owner.

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“What I’m sick of is that I was patient, but on Sunday morning when they could not tell me if there was a team there and they could not tell me when the electricity would come back I got angry. It’s very frustrating for small traders like us who can not afford a $ 20,000 generator. ”

“It’s a small community and we are the ones who inform people around,” she says. And of course, the offices of the municipality are closed on the weekend. Hydro-Québec is not even able to tell us if the electricity will come back in two, four or six hours. It’s really not funny when it’s 31 hours. The neighboring village has no convenience store and the power is back at 7:30 am Sunday. ”

The commercial generator held up, but she was about to let go when the power came back according to Ms. Labranche.

“The weekend breaks are exceptional in their importance. ”
– Sandrine Brindejonc

“We have an electrical panel that works with our generator, but we have to alternate the parts to refrigerate otherwise we would not pass through. It works well when you run out of electricity for four hours for example, but on Sunday morning the generator was starting to have trouble. For beer or liquor, it’s not a big deal, but we have dairy products, cheese, butter, cold meat and vegetables. ”

“I know that with widespread breakdowns it’s not easy,” she says. I do not want to blame the pruners or the people of Hydro-Québec, but is it possible to feel respected and to have up-to-date information? ”

“Weekend breakdowns are exceptional in their importance,” explains Sandrine Brindejonc, spokesperson for Hydro-Québec. In a case like this, the estimated hours of recovery are removed from our map to give our teams the opportunity to patrol the affected areas and determine the causes of the outage. We understand our customers and thank them for their understanding because some have been without electricity for several hours, but I can assure you that our teams are working hard to restore power. ”

Thousands of subscribers still in the dark

Thousands of Hydro-Québec customers were still without electricity Sunday evening, some since Friday night, because of the strong winds that have hit Quebec, but also Ontario and New Brunswick.

By 9 pm Sunday, the situation had improved significantly, but about 2791 subscribers had not yet recovered electricity, mainly in Montérégie. In Estrie, there were still 40 outages for 363 customers.

At the height of the breakdowns, on the night of Friday to Saturday, more than 275 000 customers did not have the current.

“We’re happy to have been able to reconnect 97 percent and more people who were without power, but there are still places where it could take a few hours, even going to tomorrow morning (Monday),” he said. A spokesman for Hydro-Quebec, Francis Labbé, late Sunday.

Hydro-Québec explains that the interventions are sometimes complex, because of branches or fallen trees on the network, which must first be released to allow repairs.

The winds also swept Ontario, where about 50,000 Hydro One customers were still off electricity at 5 pm Sunday. With the Canadian Press

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