Powerful battery: the TOP 7 best smartphones with long battery life

The most long-lived among smartphone flagship models 2019

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Мощные батареи: ТОП-7 лучших смартфонов с емким аккумулятором

The most enduring flagship able to work nearly two days

In 2019, top-end smartphones from top manufacturers surprised the world with their cutting-edge technologies: ultra-high-quality and flexible displays, camera with 48 megapixel screens with cut-outs for the selfie-camera, an incredibly powerful mobile processors and other innovations that are somehow attracted buyers the “wow-effect”. But one major problem, and no one really decided – improvement in battery life.

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Even in 2019, among the top models rarely any smartphone can “live” more than a day without recharging. The increased battery life is still leveled voracious processors, QHD screens and other electronics, mercilessly consuming the charge.

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However, experts popular website PhoneArena has conducted independent testing and determined the most “long-lived” smartphone of 2019 among the seven flagship models. Ie, the list includes only expensive devices from well-known manufacturers, not the Chinese model 6000-18000 batteries in mAh and the prototype from Enegrizer, which have remained in oblivion.

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For testing were selected seven of the most popular flagship models with different capacity battery, which does not exceed the same period in 4000 mAh. Before the test the brightness of your smartphone display set at 200 nits, and on the mobile device launched a special script that simulates a common scenario of daily use of a mobile phone.

Мощные батареи: ТОП-7 лучших смартфонов с емким аккумулятором

The most resilient smartphones of 2019

The leader of the rating was Oppo Reno 10x Zoom. His “fantastic” result in 12 hours suggests that with moderate use, the smartphone is able to work two days without having to recharge. In General, the ranking of the best smartphones with the best battery as follows:

  1. Oppo Reno 10x Zoom, 12 hours and 3 minutes
  2. Apple iPhone XS Max – 9 hours 34 minutes
  3. OnePlus 7 Pro’s 9 hours and 10 minutes
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – 8 hours 56 minutes
  5. Samsung Galaxy Note S10+ – 7 hours 59 minutes
  6. LG ThinQ G8 – 7 hours 30 minutes
  7. Samsung Galaxy Note S10 – 6 hours and 45 minutes

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