Powerful processor from Huawei has surpassed all expectations

A processor for artificial intelligence Ascend 910 works 2 times faster than competitors

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Мощный процессор от Huawei превзошел все ожидания

Ascend 910 is at least 2 times faster than any other chip

Chinese manufacturer Huawei at a special event in Shenzhen officially unveiled the latest processor 910 Ascend belonging to the series of chipsets Ascend-Max. This chip was also provided a special platform MindSpore to adapt different usage scenarios of artificial intelligence.

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The Ascend processor 910 has a processing capacity of 256 TFLOPS of floating-point (FP16) and 512 TFLOPS for computation with integer precision (INT8). The test results show that the processor has reached the planned performance while consuming significantly less energy than originally planned – maximum power consumption Ascend 910 is 310 watts, much lower than planned performance (350 watt), announced in October 2018.

Мощный процессор от Huawei превзошел все ожидания

Huawei Ascend 910 compared to Ascend 310

“Ascend 910 is much better than we expected. It has more computing power than any other AI processor in the world,” said Chairman of Huawei Eric Xu.

Мощный процессор от Huawei превзошел все ожидания

The announcement of the Ascend chip 910

Thus, the combination of Ascend processor 910 and platform MindSpore allows to train the model AI about 2 times faster than other common cards training on the basis of TensorFlow. Platform AI MindSpore adapt to all scenarios with any devices, peripherals, and cloud environments, as well as provides the interaction between them on demand. Its basic concept “Algorithm AI as a code” allows developers to easily develop advanced AI applications and faster to train your model.

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In a typical neural network for natural language processing (NLP) MindSpore uses 20% less lines of the main code than the leading platform in the market which helps developers to increase its efficiency by at least 50%.

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