PQ Congress: “Unite rather than divide”, wishes Paul St-Pierre Plamondon

Congr & egrave; s PQ: & ldquo; Unite rather & ocirc; t, divide & raquo; -Pierre Plamondon

MISE & Agrave; DAY

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon wants to take advantage of the Parti Québécois (PQ) convention, which will be held this weekend in Trois-Rivières, to unveil the new image of the party and unite its activists.

“I never saw the activists. This is the first time that I have been with them in person. We have a lot of things to say to each other, there is a change of brand image ”, maintains PSPP in an interview with TVA Nouvelles. & Nbsp;

In addition to having the desire to unite activists , the leader of the PQ wants to attack Canadian multiculturalism head-on. & nbsp;

“More and more, identities are based on religions, our physiological differences, our differences of ideas. It creates a divided society. Unite rather than divide and be proud rather than accept the contempt that Canada has in store for us: me, that's my vision, ”he explains. & Nbsp;

If he takes power during the next provincial elections, he will take actions that he believes will unite.

PSPP intends to see Quebec “take its place in the world thanks to sports”.

“Day 1, we are going to launch national teams from Quebec all over the world. We will finance, make requests to all the federations. Nations are accepted, ”he says. & Nbsp;

The leader of the PQ also wishes to set up welcoming ceremonies for immigrants who have chosen to settle in Quebec and endow the province of a national anthem. & nbsp;

Always confident

Far behind the CAQ in the voting intentions, shoulder to shoulder with those in solidarity, according to the latest Léger poll, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon remains confident.

“We are second among the Francophones and there is a lot of space in front of us. What we have to focus on is to bring in quality candidates, people who are trustworthy, ”he said. & Nbsp;

Saturday, during the Party congress Quebecers, activists will discover a new logo, a new slogan and ideas to try to bring back those who left the ship.

When asked if the “old PQ 1976” will recognize themselves in party, PSPP replies that it does not know. & nbsp;

“I do not know!” I did not ask the question “, he admits. & Nbsp;

” I think that we are so in the essential, namely that Canada condemns us to a linguistic cultural decline and economic injustices. Faced with that, our response is: we want to be a normal people and have our country. All generations will recognize themselves in this discourse “, he adds. & Nbsp;

According to information from Alain Laforest

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