PQ denounces Couillard’s “paternalism” over Catherine Fournier

The official opposition in the National Assembly criticizes Prime Minister Couillard’s “paternalistic” attitude towards the youngest MP, Catherine Fournier.
“I found that the Prime Minister was very condescending, very paternalistic, and that’s not the kind of attitude that you want,” said the vice-leader of the Parti Quebecois, Véronique Hivon, Wednesday morning.

She was reacting to the exchange between Ms. Fournier and Mr. Couillard the day before when studying the credits of the Youth component, for which the prime minister is responsible.

Catherine Fournier questioned Mr. Couillard with respect to the “partisan” nominations of young people on the boards of directors of Crown corporations.

What Mr Couillard said was “extremely disappointed” by the behavior of the youngest member of the Assembly. “I thought I heard from him the policy made otherwise,” he continued, not calling into question the competence of the appointees.

Later, while Ms. Fournier was questioning the competence of a tax expert and Liberal donor, who was appointed to the Board of Directors of Transition Energy Quebec.

Speaking to the member, Mr. Couillard replied, “is she familiar with the concept of ecofiscality, perhaps? Maybe she has heard about it once or twice. […] So thank you for pointing out this very good appointment “. To that, the member for Marie-Victorin said that the tax specialist concerned specialized in the treatment of wills and that only his proximity to the Liberal Party would explain his appointment.

For Caprist MP Simon Jolin-Barrette, the Prime Minister’s attitude is unacceptable.

“The reaction of Prime Minister Couillard is totally unacceptable, he has watched the deputy of Marie-Victorin de haut and all the Quebecers of high who dare to ask questions about the liberal, partisan appointments on the board of directors,” he said. commented Mr. Jolin-Barrette.

The member does not dare call Mr. Couillard’s attitude “paternalistic”. “The Prime Minister’s reaction was to judge Ms. Fournier’s question when the question was entirely legitimate. […] I hope Mr. Couillard will apologize. ”

In a scrum of the press, the prime minister reacted by saying that he was not patronizing.

“This is an unprecedented youth on the boards and it makes it a partisan attack. There was nothing to say about the competence of these people, “he said. “It is legitimate for me to make these remarks and there is no question for me not to do them,” he concluded on the partisan appointments Péquiste Couillard accuses the Parti Québécois. to have done while he was in government.

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