PQ: Legault prepares the coup de grace

PQ: Legault prépare le coup de grâce

With the latest polls, François Legault can dream of electoral gains unprecedented in the francophone regions that have escaped in whole or in part in 2018.

And the tour of Quebec that he has almost completed Friday before the holidays, aims to consolidate this movement, which could lead to a quasi total disappearance of the PQ.


The tour is, of course, not an excuse to ” do politics “.

For weeks, the pandemic has nailed the prime minister and his bodyguards in Quebec city.

With the slaughter in NURSING homes of the metropolis and large outbreaks in some of its districts, he was keen to go there for several points of the press.

Recalling in passing that he had a minister responsible for Montreal, the discrete (and eloquent) Chantal Rouleau.

During this time, the regions felt neglected and constraints excessively by a phenomenon which, after all, touched them little.

From where the tour. On the 17 regions of Québec, there will remain, after his break, that the Abitibi region, in the Centre-du-Québec and the Great North to visit.

Bérubé disappointed

Everywhere, the prime minister met with the leaders of the CISSS or CIUSSS. Local elected officials also, to which he reiterated his project of law 61 “accelerator” building, ” blocked by the opposition “. He has also promised a renaissance of the local employment centres had been abolished by the liberals. Enough to leave a “good memory” to the world, before the fall.

He discussed also with his elect caquistes rear-ban, of whom some were disappointed, when revising surprise of June, have not been made ministers. And the elected representatives of the opposition parties ? Everywhere, he has left them stranded (or almost).

Even the parliamentary chief of the Parti québécois (PQ), Pascal Bérubé, yet friend and former employee of office of François Legault.

The two were, however, reconciled the June 12, following an exchange bright at the end of which Berube had left the blue Room so ostentatious. “We’ve had exchanges a little tough, but I want to assure all my respect,” said Legault on June 12, before adding : “If he gives me permission, I’ll even this summer go for a ride in the Bas-Saint-Laurent. “

There he spent, but, despite the calls of the foot of Bérubé and his neighbor, pq Harold Lebel, the prime minister has met with his local mps.

In the Gaspé and on the North Shore, this was a different scenario though ! The PM was received in private audience the elected pq members Sylvain Roy and Martin Ouellet. Which the entourage of the PM took great photos which were duly twittées with this kind of comment : “Sylvain has good ideas to make the Gaspé peninsula even more attractive ! “

Return to the hope of January 2016, where Legault said that the pq members had had in mind to join the CAQ ? At the time, he had refused to give ” a horizon “, saying to ignore ” how much does it take[it] of time that [they] realize that the PQ is going nowhere “…

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