PQ : something is going on

PQ : quelque chose se passe

Far from being reduced to a popularity contest, as it currently stands, the PQ, to a real debate on the future of Quebec.

The PQ takes advantage of her evil spell. There is certainly more to the advantage of ambitious. It gives the look of a house in ruins that is impossible to meet. Who would want to risk it ? Can’t commit to it as idealistic and stubborn.

PSPP and Bastien

We have seen these last few days with the contribution of the two candidates who stand out intellectually of the lot, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon and Frederick Bastien.

The first is a social-democratic scandinavian rallied rationally independent. Excellent teacher of the cause sovereigntist, he knows how to speak to voters who have turned their backs on the PQ for a long time.

The second, a historian of great reputation, is a nationalist uninhibited, which gives a translation policy in the question of identity. His criticism is very effectively the regime of canada and the government of the judges.

Both, each in their own way, argued for a policy language to be more firm, a serious drop thresholds on immigration and denounce strongly the canadian multiculturalism.

More importantly, in the recent media storm in from the United States, they have refused to bend the knees and have criticized the importation of the concept of systemic racism in addition to formulate a critical and intellectually supported.

He had a good head and a real character to withstand the intimidation, ideological activists, radicals and their parrots in the media.

Alas, all this does not interest many people !

Force nationalist

However, the CAQ is running out of force of nationalism. It leaves you numb by the politically correct and his wing business. A space emerges for a national opposition strong, able to the call to order.

The risk is the following : if the PQ goes up, the vote nationalist, will be divided again.

The liberals wouldn’t they come out the winners ?

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