Precarious situation in dermatology at the CHUS

The situation at the Department of Dermatology at the University Hospital of Sherbrooke (CHUS) will be “precarious for the next five months”. The situation is however less difficult than it has been in the past at the CHUS. Indeed, the CHUS had to deal with two complete breaks in service in 2011 and 2015.
For the next five months, only two dermatologists will remain, but reinforcements will be added in the middle of the fall.

“The situation is currently precarious because two of our four dermatologists have had the happiness of being moms and are currently on maternity leave. So there are in practice two dermatologists at the CHUS to meet the needs of our population, “says Dr. Jean-Daniel Baillargeon, Director of the Department of Medicine.

“Fortunately, this situation is temporary. We expect from the end of August the return of a maternity leave and the arrival of a new dermatologist. So in the fall we will be able to count on four dermatologists again. Similarly, the return of the second maternity leave will follow a few months later. The critical period will only last five months, “adds Dr. Baillargeon.

For the coming months, arrangements have been made with the departments of internal medicine, ENT, general surgery and plastic surgery, as well as the pediatric department to support the only two dermatologists in place.

Service Corridors

Service corridors were confirmed with Ste-Justine Hospital in Montreal for pediatric cases and the two Granby dermatologists offered their availability if needed.

“The people can be reassured that their needs will be taken care of. ”
– Dr. Jean-Daniel Baillargeon

During this period, there may be a temporary increase in waiting lists for non-urgent cases, but patients with an urgent dermatological condition should not be affected by this temporary shortage.

“The public can be reassured that its needs will be taken care of and that the entire CIUSSS of Estrie-CHUS, with its partners, will make every effort to minimize the impact of this temporary situation”, adds the director of the Department of Medicine.

As part of its Physician Workforce Plan (EMP), the Department of Health and Social Services authorizes that six adult and one children’s dermatologists work at the facility. Currently, three of the six adult PEMs are filled as well as the pediatric PEM: there are four dermatologists and three vacant positions.

“In the longer term, we plan to fill all seven MHEs in the CHUS. Indeed, a fifth dermatologist, who is currently in training outside, will arrive in September 2018. A sixth dermatologist currently in training is already recruited with a planned arrival in 2020, and finally, a seventh dermatologist will arrive in 2021 after his training . We can also count on a new non-EMP dermatologist who will practice privately in Magog in the fall of 2018, “adds Dr. Baillargeon.

There are also two dermatologists who work in a private clinic in Sherbrooke and who are not counted in the PEMs of the CHUS.

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