Pregnant Faith Cecelia shared family happiness with the fans of the “Women’s quarter”

Беременная Вера Кекелия поделилась семейным счастьем с фанами "Женского квартала"

Faith Cecelia and Roma Duda, photo

today, 23:35

Famous Ukrainian singer, actress Studio “Women’s quarter” Faith Cecelia often shares with fans new photos on the social network Instagram. Recently, the 33-year-old actress decided to reveal her and her husband the secret – it turns out that she successfully hid her pregnancy.

After such wonderful news Faith placed in Instagram a selection of pictures with his 26-year-old husband, musician Roman Duda.

“Friends, thank you very much for all your wonderful words, hearts and smileys”, signed touching footage of the singer.

As you know, Cecelia and Duda were married in October 2017. Their romance began on the project “the Voice Krainy 7”, where the performers were in the team of musician Sergey Babkina.

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Recall that the singer Cecelia exhibited a series of delicate and feminine frames, the first showing a pregnant tummy.

As reported by the portal Znayu artistic Director of the “Women’s Quarter” Alexander Pikalov commented on the pregnancy of singer Faith Cecelia.

The portal also Znayu wrote that Faith Cecelia and Roman Duda gave helpful guidance the new “Bachelor.”

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