Pregnant Santa Dimopoulos showed a figure in a transparent gown

Model and singer has shared personal care during pregnancy

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Беременная Санта Димопулос показала фигуру в прозрачном халате

Pregnant Santa Dimopoulos

32-year-old Ukrainian model and singer, ex-participant of “VIA gra” Santa Dimopoulos pregnant a second time. The star is expecting a child with co-owner of a network of sports clubs Igor Kucherenko, which is married in 2015.

Even on the last month of pregnancy Santa Dimopoulos never ceases to delight fans of the appearance. According to the artist, she pays a lot of attention to personal care waiting for baby. So, Santa is drinking a lot of water, goes in for sports, goes for a massage and visit the beauty salon as usual. On his page in Instagram the star impressed the members great shape.

Беременная Санта Димопулос показала фигуру в прозрачном халате

Santa Dimopulos is expecting her second child

Santa Dimopoulos shared rules of self-care during pregnancy:

  • moisturize the skin with oils and nutrient creams;
  • drink plenty of water. The Council are always relevant, especially in the summer. Drink more – eat less;
  • to do a lymphatic drainage massage. Removes excess fluid, thus reduces swelling, and fatigue. I tried to do the whole pregnancy manual and icon (no contraindications);
  • to swim. Workout without back strain, lower back and joints;
  • when worn on about 20 extra pounds, the last thing I can think of is sports:). But in the pool (or any water) you weigh just a tenth of that on land. Therefore, exercise in water for pregnant women can be a boon;
  • to use peeling and rough brush;

Беременная Санта Димопулос показала фигуру в прозрачном халате

Santa Dimopoulos

  • manicure, pedicure in normal mode (every two weeks);
  • sport. First trimester, second almost all the rest (lazy), the third swimmer (even from the gum begins to pull them of the abdomen);
  • hair is not dyed in principle, cut once.

Earlier we wrote that Santa Dimopoulos published a rare photo of 11-year-old son of Andrew of Jiguli – Daniel.

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