Pregnant woman killed on boulevard Laurier: 32 months in prison for the driver with epilepsy

Femme enceinte tuée sur le boulevard Laurier: 32 mois de prison pour le conducteur épileptique

Recalling the “degree of recklessness and high regard of life and the safety of others” to a driver’s seizure, which has sadly broke the life of a pregnant woman, the court sentenced, Tuesday, Jonathan Falardeau-Laroche to serve a sentence of 32 months in detention.

Accompanied by his relatives, the man, 26-year-old was introduced Tuesday morning, at the palace of justice of Quebec.

Not far from him was the family of Marie-Pier Gagné, enveloped mortally, August 10, 2016, while pregnant 40 weeks, she had to leave the CHUL, where she was followed for her pregnancy.

If the family of the young woman, whose baby was saved in extremis after a c-section, seemed to be relieved of the decision rendered by judge Pierre Rousseau, they preferred not to comment at the end of the room.

Marie-Pier Won


However, the magistrate stated in his decision that, in the context of comments on the sentence, the family of the young mother had asked, “that justice should be rendered against Marie-Pier, without closing the door to grant a pardon to the accused, in as much as he could realize all the evil that he had done”.

The mother-in-law of Marie-Pier was also addressed directly to Falardeau-Laroche to express his pain and to highlight the fact that due to “the recklessness, carelessness and even the youth of the accused”, her little girl never got to know his mother.

As aggravating factors, that he has qualified for “many”, the president of the tribunal has, among other things, retained the pre-sentence report of the accused, which he considered as rather “negative”.


“The accused is déresponsabilise and it victimizes, minimizing his fault. In addition, he continues to cast blame on his doctor to try to legitimize the decision to get behind the wheel of his vehicle on the day of the accident,” said the judge.

His “addiction” to alcohol, “for which he has no intention of working out”, the risk of re-offending “existing” and “potential aggression” from Falardeau-Laroche have also argued for the pursuer, dr Thomas Jacques, which called for a sentence of imprisonment ranging from 36 to 42 months.

The young age of the accused, his health problems that are going to “make his detention more difficult” and the respect of his conditions of release have been retained in the chapter of the mitigating factors.

Recall that, the day of the accident, Jonathan Falardeau-Laroche came out of an appointment with his neurologist, who told her not to drive her car due to her seizures.

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