Premiere of “Zahar Berkut”: the filmmakers spoke about the film

And in order to create the film, it took 600 hours of shooting and 1000 days

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In the center of Kiev presented a historical action “Zakhar Berkut” based on the novel by Ukrainian classic writer Ivan Franko. Directors steel tape Ukrainian Ahtem Seitablaev and American John winn. And on October 10 the film in which they play both Ukrainian and Hollywood actors came out in wide release.

“Freedom is very important to you. And family is very important. This is what is said in the story Franco. And hopefully you will see it in the film,” said Director John winn.

Премьера "Захара Беркута": кинематографисты рассказали о создании фильма

“Zakhar Berkut”

About their experiences and told the actor Oleg Voloschenko: “there Was a feeling that I’m our Hollywood colleagues know life. When you meet them for the first time, you see their sincere smile. You see their desire to work. Not just to work. And to work together.”

In the movie there are modern elements: lots of battle scenes, humor, music and extraordinary landscapes. “Very serious work of production designer of this film. That was built a large gorge Studio The first decorations of this magnitude is made for the film,” – said the General producer of the Odessa international film festival Julia Sinkevich.

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And a great decoration were, of course, costumes. For the filming of the picture they created more than a thousand. Artist-costume designer Antonina Belinsky noted that the work was treated very seriously.

“Was in the expedition for a month. And we gathered people, gathered in the villages. Some fabrics we had woven. We are in Western Ukraine found the masters,” said Antonina Belinskaya.

And in order to create the movie itself took hours of shooting 600 and 1000 days! “Zahar Berkut is as relevant as ever today. It is generally relevant. This is the character that creates the defender of his family,” the actor explained, leading the project “Real mysticism” Andrew Durbin.

Премьера "Захара Беркута": кинематографисты рассказали о создании фильма

Footage from the shooting of the film “Zakhar Berkut”

And presenter of “Morning with Ukraine” on TV channel “Ukraine” Anatoliy Anatolich believes that the promotion of heroes on a movie – this is normal. And the creators are betting not only on the Ukrainian market. The rights to show “Zakhar Berkut” has already sold in Spain, France, Italy, South Korea, USA, Japan, India and Moldova. A year after a wide theatrical release – the television premiere film “Zakhar Berkut” will take place on TV channel “Ukraine”.

We will remind, earlier the film “Zakhar Berkut” was presented in Lviv.

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