Premiums Russian : the head of democratic u.s. calls to punish Moscow

Primes russes : la chef des démocrates américains appelle à sanctionner Moscou

The leader of the democrats in the us Congress Nancy Pelosi called Thursday to impose sanctions against the Russian military information service, after having received a briefing in closed session on the matter of possible premiums paid by Moscow to the insurgents to kill american soldiers in Afghanistan.

The president democrat in the House of representatives has said that the White House had objected in the past to sanctions “in the areas of intelligence and defense,” Russian.

That is, ” the very sector that is accused of possible threats against our men and women in uniform “, she underlined, in reference to the allegations on the premium Russian.

“Whatever happens, we must restore the penalties (in a project of law, editor’s NOTE) and implement them “, she hammered.

She has also accused Russia of trying “again” to interfere in u.s. elections.

Nancy Pelosi was speaking to reporters after having been informed on the case behind closed doors, with other senior members of the Congress, by the chiefs of american intelligence.

According to the New York Times, followed by other newspapers, the us intelligence has acquired the conviction that Moscow has distributed incentives to insurgents to kill american soldiers in Afghanistan. However, these items were included in a written note sent to the president at the end of February, according to the newspaper.

Claiming that there is no consensus on this matter within the intelligence community, the White House says that the president has not been briefed on this matter. This raises questions about its degree of involvement in these issues and on the attention it pays to the confidential documents that are transmitted to him.

“Of course,” that Donald Trump would have had to be informed directly, even if the allegations had not been fully verified, has responded to Nancy Pelosi.

“This is of the utmost importance,” she hammered, recalling that Donald Trump had recently proposed a new time invited to the next G7 summit with his counterpart Vladimir Putin, which had been excluded in 2014 in what was then the G8 to have annexed Crimea.

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