Premiums Russian: the Pentagon seeks evidence and promises to “take action”

Primes russes: le Pentagone cherche des preuves et promet de « prendre des mesures »

The most senior Pentagon officials pledged Thursday to “take steps” if the american army could corroborate the information on the premiums paid by Moscow to kill american soldiers in Afghanistan.

When questioned by a Congressional commission on the information of the american Intelligence, the minister of Defense Mark Esper and the chief of staff, u.s. general Mark Milley, who spoke publicly for the first time on this case, which is a scandal in Washington, stressed that the military intelligence had not been ” corroborated “.

Washington has been known for years that Russia is supporting the afghan insurgents, including arms deliveries, ” said general Milley. “But there is a big difference between arm and give orders “, he stressed.

“We know for the weapons, we know for the support,” he added. “But in the case of the Russians, we do not have concrete evidence or information on the instructions given. It is very different.”

“We’re going to dig. We will find out if it is true. And if this is true, we will take action “, he assured, without specifying the kind of measures envisaged.

Mr. Esper has provided for its share of that, even if the credibility of this information had not been corroborated, the Pentagon took “seriously” any information on threats against the american forces.

The New York Times, followed by the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, reported that Russian agents had been quietly distributed the money to the combatants “close to the taliban” so they could kill american soldiers or NATO in Afghanistan.

This information was transmitted to the president Trump and the national Security council of the White House has discussed it at the end of march but no action is decided on, these were added daily, citing unnamed sources within the american intelligence.

Russia and the taliban have denied in block this information.

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