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Prepare your golf clubs: here are the tips of a trainer and professional golfer

Prepare your golf clubs: here are the tips of a trainer and golfer professional


Spring is fast approaching. It's time to watch your pool thaw, your patio come out of the snow… and stroke your golf clubs! Because, dear golfers, with the winter we've had, there's a good chance that the courses will open early!

On QUB radio, on the microphone of Richard Martineau, Professional golfer and PGA-recognized coach Sylvie Schetagne shared five essential tips to be ready when it's finally time to hit the ball! They're in the next segment!

For the rest of the interview, everything goes through one word: passion.

“When you start playing golf, and you hit the ball, it's a pleasure,” she explained.

And it's an activity for everyone, regardless of age!

“It's an activity that absorbs you, which leads you to concentrate 100%,” added Ms. Schetagne.

In fact, one of Ms. Schetagne is to watch golf on television. She believes that observing professional players gives you the chance to understand what to do in crucial moments.

You wonder if Richard Martineau has golf in his blood. Well… let's say… not quite.

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