Presenter Pedan openly confessed about the relationship with Pritula: “Everyone thinks we’re…”

Телеведущий Педан откровенно признался об отношениях с Притулой: "Все думают, что мы..."

yesterday, 20:16

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Alexandr Pedan frankly, if he wants to have joint projects with ex-colleague TV presenter Sergey Pritula.

Телеведущий Педан откровенно признался об отношениях с Притулой: "Все думают, что мы..."

Alexandr Pedan and Sergey Pritula

So, showman dispelled the rumors that they are Perched are the best friends, as the audience believed them to be fairly close to each other, due to the fact that he often saw artists together on television.

Alexander reported that they maintain a friendly relationship, but working together they had difficult.

“Everyone thinks we are brother and sister, we are family, I don’t know. Well, we’re not even friends. We are friends, we have absolutely normal relations. Serge can crush, he’s strong, he’s the alpha male. He’s the one who fosters strong staff, strong people,” said Pedan.

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Телеведущий Педан откровенно признался об отношениях с Притулой: "Все думают, что мы..."

Alexander Pedan and Sergey Pritula

Besides, he admitted that he learned a lot from colleagues, but it became crowded on a film set.

“After Prytula not afraid of anything. I’m with him put themselves on an equal footing. I, on the contrary, it constantly Troll, taunt, etc. He’s probably I think we talked about this, appreciate our relationship. I had learned a lot, it was kind of cool to reach for him. Then when we went out on an equal footing, we became a little crowded. That’s probably why we fled. Absolutely fine, no fighting,” shared Alexander.

Also a question about how would he lead a project with Perched, answers quite ambiguous: not refuse, but also a special desire has not.

We will remind that Alexander Pedan star “Comedy Club” show “Rise” – a lover of extreme sports, who ever lured an old friend Pritula on the mountain tops, and he remembered it for life.

As reported by the portal Znayu team “Pedan can” tried to play Lesya Nikityuk, but things did not go according to plan.

The portal also Znayu wrote that the host of the popular Ukrainian show “X’s” Alexander Pedan decided on the fifth week to place participants in extreme conditions. He believes that this is the only way to test their real feelings.

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