President dysfunctional country, dysfunctional

Président dysfonctionnel, pays dysfonctionnel

The pandemic of COVID-19 spiralled out of control almost anywhere in the United States. During this time, racism is anti-white is suffused with the same stupidity as the old racism anti-black.

What does the u.s. president to curb both of these plagues ? It pérore on all the platforms that the pandemic is disappearing and it stirs up the divisions in american society.

We can dream for a moment of the policies of another president in such circumstances. None of the previous presidents, both democrats and republicans, not be engaged in the way of Donald Trump.

Mental illness

It is necessary to repeat : Donald Trump suffers from a severe mental illness. The book that his niece, Mary Trump, a psychologist-practitioner, is expected to soon publish could confirm this diagnosis, which has already been laid by tens of thousands of mental health professionals.

Trump thinks only of himself, his wealth, his re-election, in his image.

A recent investigation by Carl Bernstein, conducted for CNN, confirms what everyone perceives for a long time : Trump seeks the approval of the dictators, and he despises the leaders of the democracies, particularly the women.

In normal times, the american system can survive a president crazy. But in a time of crisis, madness, presidential otherwise becomes dangerous.

Three simultaneous crises

Crisis, the United States faced three at the same time : that of the dictatorship of Xi Jinping, the COVID-19 and that of the revival of minorities.

The remedies are known. Games alliance can help the United States to deal with China. The containment measures can slow the spread of the COVID-19. Education and fighting poverty can give minorities access to true equality.

Personal challenges

Instead of applying these solutions, Trump, sick, reducing everything to personal challenges.

He sees international relations through the prism of his admiration for Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin or Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his disdain for Angela Merkel or Emmanuel Macron.

It does not include containment measures. He hopes that the tourist facilities that he has re-opened as quickly as possible, to make money.

He considers the excesses of racist anti-white the entire of the fight against racism and it is standing as the defender of people who have white skin.

The madness of Trump isolates the United States at the global level. It is in danger of sinking the u.s. economy. She pushes the racist anti-white in a speech as delusional as that of Trump.

Quebec and Canada are affected by the dysfunctions of Trump. We have long counted on the United States in several areas. We will have to rely on them.

But the more the United States becomes dysfunctional, the more it will have to rely on our own forces. This will cost us very dear. Unfortunately, with or without Trump, the United States will find it difficult to find the right way.

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