Presidential election: Biden unveils huge economic stimulus plan

Présidentielle: Biden dévoile un gigantesque plan de relance économique

Joe Biden promised on Thursday to inject 700 billion dollars to revive the us production after the crisis of the coronavirus, a plan which he opposed to the economic program of Donald Trump, his opponent in the presidential election of November.

The democratic candidate for the White House, the money to revive his campaign interrupted by the pandemic, must present a part of that plan Thursday afternoon during a visit in a factory of Dunmore, Pennsylvania, State key win to hope to beat Donald Trump on 3 November.

This ambitious programme provides for the creation of more than five million jobs and replace those lost through the crisis of COVID-19 that has decimated the u.s. economy and 18 million unemployed.

It combines investment in the domestic industry and in the research, an independence in the face of foreign providers, assistance to small businesses, and more freedom for employees to join a trade union.

Joe Biden “does not accept the view of defeatism according to which the forces of automation and globalization renders us unable to keep jobs, unionized, well-paid and create more in the United States,” says the campaign team of the former vice-president, supported by several trade union organizations.

“The american industry was the arsenal of democracy during the Second world War, and should be part of the arsenal of american prosperity today, helping to fuel the economic recovery for working families “, she adds in her presentation of the plan.

With this project, Mr. Biden hopes to sweep away the doubts about his ability to manage the u.s. economy, in the face of the millionaire and ex-real estate mogul.

The victory of Donald Trump in 2016 was based in part on the promise of reviving the u.s. industrial activity after wave of relocation and renegotiation of international trade agreements, according to him, adverse to the United States.

This plan also provides for “the largest mobilization for public investment in the supply, infrastructure and R&D since the Second world War,” says the campaign team of Mr. Biden.

After his election, Mr Biden will also launch a study on the weaknesses of the supply chains in sectors such as medical equipment, while, according to his team, the management erratic pandemic of sars coronavirus by the government Trump has led to shortages of protective equipment such as surgical masks

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