Pressed by Trump, the health authorities extolling “the importance of the reopening of the schools”

Pressées par Trump, les autorités sanitaires vantent « l’importance de rouvrir les écoles »

The u.s. federal agency of public health has updated its advice on the school during the pandemic by the clear weigh the balance in favour of a return to the classroom of the students at the beginning, a positioning adopted after a direct request from the White House.

Reopen 100%, 50%, or not at all in the fall is the debate, often lively, which agitates the thousands of “districts,” school of the United States, while the coronavirus is still contaminated a million Americans for 15 days. And as the number of subjects of society in the countries ruled by Donald Trump, the choice to re-open or close is very political, since the president has asked schools to re-open completely.

“We can’t prevent it indefinitely 50 million children go to school,” recalled Donald Trump on Thursday.

“We owe it to the children of our country to take our responsibilities and do everything to lower the level of COVID-19, so that they can return to school in safety,” said the director of the CDC, Robert Redfield, Friday.

Many cities have cut in the side of a back virtual, such as Houston and Los Angeles, or hybrid such as New York. In the suburbs of Washington, county of Montgomery decided that the students would revisit their school before… on the 29th of January.

The Centres for prevention and control of diseases (CDC) had initially published guidelines highlighting the risk of return to the school, and the precautions to be taken. But the vice-president had announced on 8 July that they would revisit their copy.

Which act on Thursday, with the publication of a page entitled: “The importance of reopening the schools this fall “. The CDC maintain that the reopening is not a good idea in case of active circulation of the virus locally.

But they do not give a criterion encrypted to evaluate the epidemic at the local level. Robert Redfield has only said that above 5% testing positive in a county, one could speak of ” home “.

“No reply at all”

The experts from the CDC emphasize now that the children are at little risk of falling seriously ill from the COVID-19, and that on the other hand, the losses in the short-and long-term closures for social, emotional, behavioural, economic and academic spheres were ” well-known and important “.

“The extended closure of schools is detrimental to children,” write the CDC, in particular for deaf and blind children.

The schools were ill-prepared for distance learning during the containment, and the students poorly followed, complain to the CDC, citing a study from the university of Washington.

The inequalities between rich families and poor have widened. A study on 800 000 students showed that the children had all slowed down their progress in mathematics after march 2020, but the delay was greater among those in poor districts.

Worse, the abuse of children cloistered at home are without doubt less visible. In Washington, a study has found a decrease in reports of abuse and from march to April, but more serious cases of children being beaten to the emergency room.

“The best available evidence in countries that have opened their schools indicate that the COVID-19 poses a low risk to children in age to go to school, in any case in areas with low transmission in the community, and suggest that it is unlikely that the child will be important drivers of the spread of the virus,” concluded the CDC.

A study published last week by a review of the CDC showed, however, that in South Korea, if children under the age of 10 years passed on less of the virus than adults, this was not the case of children 10 to 19 years.

“We need to be humble and admit that we still do not have an answer for everything,” commented Friday, Anthony Fauci, director of the Institute of infectious diseases and one of the experts most known in the country.

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