Pressure to return to his residence?

Des pressions pour retourner dans sa résidence?

A woman of Lanaudière says that a social worker would have made any pressure on her to return quickly to live in the home for elderly people private.

Jeannine Durocher lives at home with his son since the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19, due to an outbreak of cases in the Residence Marie-Rose at the feast of the Epiphany.

She plans to return to live there, but not before the end of the pandemic because it feared a second wave.

“I think it’s ridiculous all this happens! It seems to me that I have the right to go on a vacation with one of my sons! And then after that, I will be back with us and then it ends there,” says the woman of 89 years.

“When the pandemic will go down, when you go be sure that it will be secure, there will be no problems as it returns there,” adds his son, Serge Bergeron.

The leadership of the private residence of Jeannine Durocher does not understand what motivates this pressure, and precise seniors are encouraged to come out and have a good time outside of the residence.

“It is necessary to disentangle the things because the social worker who works for the CLSC does not work for our residence, says the spokesperson of the Residence Marie-Rose, Jessica Lambert Fandal. Therefore, we do not know what is going on between madame and his social worker, but what really are these two entities there that he would have to go and see”.

Made aware of the situation by TVA News, the health authorities of Lanaudière have decided to call the family. A follow-up should also be done with the people associated with the folder to make the light on this matter.

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