Prikhodko with a camera was almost a disgrace to the cultural monument, even cops teased the phone

Приходько с фотокамерой едва не опозорила памятник культуры, даже копов дразнила телефоном

today, 09:33

Popular Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko, who has for some time located in France, confessed to her fans that her and the crew was kicked out of the Louvre. Recall that the Louvre is in Paris and is one of the largest museums in the world.

About the incident became known thanks to the message of Anastasia Prikhodko in the network Instagram.

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“To see Paris and to die is Fi*it! But to see the Louvre, and that you asked the police to leave — it is the memories of a lifetime,” he shared with your followers Anastasia.

Приходько с фотокамерой едва не опозорила памятник культуры, даже копов дразнила телефоном

Anastasia Prikhodko

It is worth noting that compre Prikhodko was her producer and songwriter Tigran Grigoryan. According to him, drove them back after filming in the Louvre.

“Hahaha! Well, who else but us could spend shooting where the whole police of Paris will gather in shock,” he said.

Also Grigoryan promised to do in the future some more beautiful shots.

“Following the adventures of Wang on the ocean in Thailand (I already got a script the next clip — the ocean and the jungle, and you’re in the way of Amazon with Thais…)”, — he wrote.

Recall that the 71-year-old Mikhail Shufutinsky started talking about marriage to a young dancer: “a good woman…”.

As reported Znayu, Prikhodko surprised plans after retiring from politics and from the stage: “Put all…”.

Znayu wrote, singer Prikhodko no more – star went to prosecutors: “go to Jail, bitch, everyone.”

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