Prince Harry admitted his “obsession”

Принц Гарри признался в своей "одержимости"

Meghan Markle not happy with this “obsession” with husbandPrince Harry inherited more than just the Royal title from his father, Prince Charles. Grandson of Elizabeth II found that literally “obsessed” with one thing – he likes to turn the lights off in the house. This habit Prince Harry inherited from his father as a long-time environmentalist, writes the with reference for Today.

“He is an ardent supporter having to constantly turn off the lighted light house,” says Harry about his father Prince Charles in a new documentary, “Prince, son and heir: Charles in his 70 years”, which was broadcast on BBC One on Thursday on British TV. “And that’s what I also win,” added the Duke of Sussex.

Harry admitted that his wife, Meghan Markle, noticed that he has a habit of living at Kensington Palace: “That is abnormal, because Megan always says, “Well, why turn off the lights? It’s dark in here” and I always answer: “enough for Us, and one of the bulbs rather than six inclusive”. For me it became a habit, and so can everyone. And I think that is one of the key lessons taught to us by our William father.”

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