Prince Harry and Meghan Markle settled in to their new home in California

Le Prince Harry et Meghan Markle installés dans leur nouvelle maison en Californie

LOS ANGELES | prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle have moved into a new house located in Santa Barbara, a rich seaside city near Los Angeles, California, according to the american media.

The duke and duchess of Sussex, who have officially ceased to be active members of the royal family last April, lived until then in Los Angeles, the birthplace of Meghan Markle, where they were promptly harassed by the paparazzi on the prowl.

The couple has filed a complaint accusing some of them to be photographed without their knowledge, their young son Archie in their garden.

The husband and wife “moved into their family home in July” and “settled in the quiet privacy of their neighborhood,” said a spokesman to AFP, without confirming the place of their new residence. They “hope that this will be respected, for their neighbours as for themselves as a family,” added the spokesperson.

According to the media People and Page six, their new house is located in Santa Barbara, about 150 miles north of Los Angeles, which is home to several american stars, like Oprah Winfrey.

Prince Harry, aged 35, has denounced on multiple occasions the pressure of the media on his marriage and has made it the main reason of its indentation of the royal family.

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