Prince Harry was moved by his speech about fatherhood

Husband Meghan Markle confessed as the son changed his life

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Принц Гарри растрогал своей речью касательно отцовства

Prince Harry

Husband Meghan Markle Prince Harry during the presentation of the annual award from Princess Diana in London in his speech touched on the topic of inspiration and fatherhood. The Duke of Sussex admitted that he wants, that his son Archie has inherited only his best qualities. By the way, 6 July, London will host the christening ceremony of the baby.

British offended at Kate Middleton and Prince Harry. All items in the video:

Also a member of the Royal family admitted that his two-month son has started to affect his life. Now 34-year-old Prince Harry is in control of their behavior and spoken words, because the kid copies his actions.

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A member of the Royal family turned to the audience and stated that they have no idea what an important role you can play in the life of friends and relatives.

“Maybe I started to pay attention to it when he became a father. Now I understand that my son will watch what I do to follow my behavior and someday may follow in my footsteps. And this applies not only to the role of the father. The people I see every day, no idea how they inspire me. Their small acts of kindness and their character in General. Every step we do has value – especially when we know that someone is watching us. It was then that manifests our true character,” said Prince Harry.

Earlier we wrote that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry found a new nanny for his son. The previous two had decided to resign in connection with a complex character of the Duchess of Sussex.

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