Priscilla Presley hasn't spoken to her granddaughter since contesting Lisa Marie Presley's will

Priscilla Presley hasn't spoken to her granddaughter since contesting Lisa Marie's will Presley


The relationship between Priscilla Presley and her granddaughter Riley Keough seems very strained for the past few weeks, reports a source close to the Presley clan.

According to several American media, the two women have not spoken to each other since Priscilla Presley decided to contest the will of her daughter Lisa Marie, who died in Los Angeles on January 12 of a stop heart at the age of 54. 

Also according to this same source, Riley Keough must deal with the loss of her mother and a family dispute that has become very public. 

Priscilla Presley firmly believes that she has a cause, and no longer speaks to her granddaughter. The only contact between the two women is through lawyers. 

Despite everything, the hope of seeing the case settled out of court remains. 

Lisa Marie Presley named his mother, Priscilla, as one of the trustees of his substantial estate, both during his lifetime and in the event of his death, in 2010, according to court documents.

But she appears to have withdrawn this capacity in 2016, to designate her children Riley and Benjamin Keough as heirs after her death.

According to a document consulted by AFP and filed in court by her lawyer, Priscilla Presley did not “discover ยป these changes only after the recent death of his daughter.

The widow of Elvis claims the invalidation of this new will, because it was never presented to her during the lifetime of her daughter. His lawyer points out in particular that Lisa Marie's signature “seems inconsistent” compared to her usual signature.