Pritula live national selection for Eurovision 2020 had to apologize, this Ukraine has not yet heard

Притуле в эфире Нацотбора на Евровидение-2020 пришлось извиняться, такого Украина еще не слышала

today, 14:37

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Sergey Pritula, during the national selection for song contest “Eurovision-2020”, was a huge mistake. Epic “fail” is recorded in the live broadcast.

This became known thanks to the recording of the broadcast, and attentive audience.

It is known that during the announcement of the scores of the contestants, Sergey Prytula mixed results. Worried had Kati Chile and by GIO. Then Prytula began to frantically apologize and remembered an incident that happened at the award ceremony “Oscar” 3 years ago — there the host handed a card with the name of the wrong movie.

We will remind, in Ukraine started the national selection for Eurovision 2020.

As reported Znayu Tina Karol provoked tears of one of the participants of the national selection for Eurovision 2020.

Znayu wrote the first finalists of the national selection Eurovision 2020, who can represent Ukraine.

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