Prix ​​des libraires du Québec: unveiling of the preliminary selection

Quebec Booksellers' Prize: unveiling of the preliminary selection


Heather O'Neill, Alex Viens, Sylvie Drapeau and Mali Navia are in the preselection of the Prix des libraires du Québec. 

While the finalists will be announced in January and the winners crowned in May, the preliminary list, for the categories Comics, Essay, Poetry and Novel, short stories and narrative, was made public on Wednesday at the Salon du livre de Montréal. In all, 52 titles were selected within these categories.

“Losing your head” by Heather O'Neill, “Les pénitences” by Alex Viens, “Le jeu de l'oiseau” by Sylvie Drapeau and “La banalité d'un tir” by Mali Navia are thus part of the 12 titles to have been selected in the Novel, short stories and Quebec narrative category.

“Les ombres blanches” by Dominique Fortier, “Awakening in Kitchike: The bleeding of possibilities” by Louis-Karl Picard-Sioui, “On a tout l'automne” by Juliana Léveillé-Trudel and “La fille à la tresse” by Françoise de Luca have also carved out a place for themselves in this category.

A dozen titles were selected in the Novel, short stories and stories outside Quebec category, including “Cher connard” by Virginie Despentes, “Les abeilles grises” by Andreï Kourkov and “Mr. Loverman” by Bernardine Evaristo.

Nine titles caught the attention of the selection committees in the Quebec Essay category and six in the Quebec Comic Strip category.

The winners will be crowned on May 11, at the Gala du Prix des libraires du Québec 2023.

Preselected titles in the Novel – Short Stories – Quebec Story

“The game of the bird”, Sylvie Drapeau (Leméac)

“Losing your head”, Heather O'Neill (Alto)

“The white shadows”, Dominique Fortier ( Alto)

“Awakening in Kitchike: The bleeding of possibilities”, Louis-Karl Picard-Sioui (Hannenorak)

“We have all the fall”, Juliana Léveillé-Trudel ( La Peuplade)

“Morel”, Maxime Raymond Bock (August Horse)

“The young girl with a braid”, Françoise de Luca (Leaf merchant)

“Sailors can't swim”, Dominique Scali (La Peuplade)

“The inner mother”, Sophie Marcotte (The house on fire)

“Penances”, Alex Viens (August Horse)

“The banality of a shot”, Mali Navia (Leméac)

“At home”, Myriam Vincent (Poets of the bush)

Preselected titles in the Essay Quebec category

“The dreams of the ookpik”, Étienne Beaulieu (Varia)

“Arming rage: For a literature of combat”, Marie-Pier Lafontaine (Héliotrope)

“Mores: From the cannibal left to the vandal right”, Alain Deneault (Lux)

“Scars: Conversation Notebooks”, Sara Danièle Michaud (Nota Bene)

“Panic at the University: Political Correctness, Wokes and Other Imaginary Threats”, Francis Dupuis-Déri (Lux)

“Geographies of the neighboring country: Poet and citizen in a plural Quebec”, Pierre Nepveu (Boréal)

“You will choose the mountains”, Andréane Frenette-Vallières (Le Noroît)

< p>“The habit of ruins: The sacredness of oblivion and ugliness in Quebec”, MarieHélène Voyer (Lux)

Preselected titles in the Quebec Comics category

“Sometimes the lakes burn”, Geneviève Bigué (Front Froid)

“Confessions of a normal woman”, Éloïse Marseille (Pow Pow)< /p>

“The end of the beginning”, Fadi Malek and Anne Villeneuve (New address)

“René Lévesque: Something like a great man”, Marc Tessier and collective of artists (Moelle Graphik) Farewell sad love, Mirion Malle (Pow Pow)

“A Paris for Dallaire”, Marc Tessier and Siris (La Watermelon)