Prize pool for the slaughterhouse, Cyril Lignac in Occitanie, Marseillan at the Olympics… the essential news in the region

Prize pool for the slaughterhouse, Cyril Lignac in Occitanie, Marseillan at the Olympics... the essential news in the region

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During the Olympics, boats from Marseillan on the Seine

#HERAULT –Locations for storing ammunition, a folding mast to carry radio antennas and brackets for heavy weapons… these 8-meter aluminum boats, manufactured by the Littoral shipyard, will be used by army commandos of land, responsible for securing the parade of delegations, during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on July 26. This Marseillan shipyard, which only makes aluminum boats, is used to large orders. Among its clients, in addition to the port authorities or the army, the marine firefighters of Marseille, shellfish farmers from the Etang de Thau and even local fishermen.

Cyril Lignac in Occitanie for a new show

#TELEVISION –We no longer present Cyril Lignac. The Aveyronnais has, over the years, made a place of choice in the world of gastronomy. But he owes his popularity to television and his culinary shows, which have been a hit for more than ten years (Top Chef, Le Meilleur pâtissier, etc.). At the start of the September school year, on M6, Cyril Lignac will offer a new production in prime-time access. The concept: a competition between amateur cooks. And five episodes of this program will have Gaillac as the setting, starting on Tuesday. Cyril Lignac will be surrounded by three personalities from the world of gastronomy to compose a jury. This competition will be present in all regions of France.

Today's figure: 12,000

#ALES – This is in euros the amount collected to help the Alès slaughterhouse . Since March 20, 2024, the Gard structure has been placed in receivership for a period renewable three times for six months. In order to contribute to its financial rescue, sheep and cattle unions and the Mas des agricole in Nîmes have launched a solidarity kitty on the Leetchi website. to date, 12,000 € were therefore collected. Several personalities have also put their hands in their pocket.

The Court of Appeal is still waiting for positions

#NÎMES –It was an apparently worried president of the court of appeal who spoke this Friday, April 5 in light of the state of his teams (which only concerns the magistrates of the seat). "In the immediate future, the announced reinforcements are not forthcoming, the jurisdictions will have to deal with the shortage for several months." Michel Allaix reacted to the head office staff spread across the appeal court. Asked about the current situation, in view of the recent announcements of reinforcements announced by the Ministry of Justice which revealed a large-scale plan (2023-2027), he does not dispute the efforts made by the Chancellery for the coming years , but particularly deplores that for September 2024 "none of the 248 justice auditors leaving the school will be assigned to headquarters positions within the jurisdiction of the Nîmes Court of Appeal nor to the judicial courts within the jurisdiction"< /em>. According to Michel Allaix, out of the 157 positions in the territory of the Court of Appeal, there is currently a shortage of 10 people. Arrivals are promised between 2025 and 2027.

The child sleeping by the side of the road

#GARD – From the beginning of the morning, Saturday April 6, a search system had been set up to find a little boy 2 year old, missing. Around thirty gendarmes, including teams with dogs, and a helicopter were deployed to find the child, who had escaped the supervision of his parents, as quickly as possible. Finally after an hour of intense searching, the little boy was discovered safe and sound by a walker. He had fallen asleep at the side of a path. More fear than harm for this family.

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