Pro D2: ASBH players and staff have found their way back to the stadium

Pro D2: ASBH players and staff have found their way back to the stadium

David Irazoqui, nouvel entraîneur des trois-quarts qui présente un nouveau partenaire national, la société Adista dirigée par Pierre-Jean Beylier. Midi Libre

The time for recovery has come for the ASBH. The sports and technical staff, the players… The point before getting to the heart of the matter on Monday July 8 with the first training session.

Medical tests, administrative, meetings… This Thursday, July 4, the staff and players of the ASBH found their way to the Raoul-Barrière stadium. The opportunity to make contact between everyone, knowing that there are some changes in the off-season, whether at the level of coaches or players. Enough to plan for the next Pro D2 championship which will begin at the end of August. The first day was scheduled for Friday August 30.

Boosting a particularly colorful season which ended with a semi-final lost in Vannes, Béziers leaves with ambitions, the goal being once again to aim for the Top 6. Recruitment was established in this sense: "We tried to bring added value to the team, explains Jean-Michel Vidal, chairman of the board of ASBH. For each player who left, we tried to recruit one from a higher level. I would say that, on paper, the team is performing better than last year." The leaders have also reviewed the contents of their nest egg: "We have significantly increased the payroll,notes the leader of Béziers. It was around 8.5M€. It will be around 9 M€."

Pierre Caillet remains in charge

In terms of the technical and sports staff, Pierre Caillet remains the general manager and head coach. He will be supported this season by David Irazoqui. The Basque will take care of the three-quarters. He was previously in charge of Saint-Jean-de-Luz in National 2. For his part, Sylvain Charlet will continue to lead the scrum. Karne Kaufana will join the training center, led by Benjamin Bagate. He will also work with the espoir team. Cyril Bonnafous, who was responsible for kicking, line defense and field goal exits, is leaving his position at the club.

Two new fitness coaches

At ASBH for several years, where he was responsible for fitness training and was unanimously acclaimed, Alexis Mudarra has decided to leave the club due to a career change. He is replaced by Olivier Rieg, the fitness coach for the Portuguese national team. He will work with Mathieu Rigal, who will keep his position, and Christian Basalau, who has spent almost his entire career in the UK. Last season, he accompanied the RCF Dragons to Newport. Video analyst Joël Guillen will be assisted this season by Thibault Baget who comes from Chambéry.

From Monday, the players will return to the meadows for physically intense work. They will be on training at the beginning of August (August 3, 4, 5) in Aveyron and on Friday August 2, in Camarès, they will face Albi in a friendly. The Feria match was scheduled for Tuesday August 13. The ASBH will be opposed to Narbonne.

Squad: new arrivals

Here are the players who are joining (or will join) the club this season: left pillars, Yhannis El Maslouhi (CDF UBB), Marco Trauth (Toulouse); right pillar, Christian Judge (Saracens); second row, Cameron Dodson (Aurillac); third lines, Camille Vallée (Montpellier); Babtiste Abescat Leroy (Narbonne) ; Hugo Camacho (Bayonne training center); opener, Hugo Aubry (Rouen training center); center, Taylor Gontineac (Rouen); wingers, Sireli Massiwini (Fiji Drua Fijian U20), Aminiasi Tuimaba (Pau).

They will find the pillars Francisco Fernandes, Youssef Amrouni, Clément Samper, John Henry Fincham, Tyanick Arroyo, Julien Rasamolina ; hookers Yvann Lalevée Wimar Arnoldi, Jose Luiz Gonzalez, Yanis Lockwood, Yanis Boulassel ; the second lines, Pierre Gayraud, Hans Nkinsi, Petero Mailulu; the third lines, William Van Bost, Sias Koen, Gilian Benoy, Clément Ancely, Otunuku Pauta, Thomas Canaleta, Apisalome Kuruisaqila, Antoine Peyrastre; scrum-half Samuel Marques; the ushers, Charly Malié, Victor Dreuille, Harry Glynn, Romain Uruty, Tim Nanaï Williams; centers Paul Recor, Arnaud Sola, Branden Holder, Taleta Tupuola, Maxime Vacquier, Théo Vassallo; wingers Pierre Courtaud, Paul Reau, Nicolas Plazy, Maxime Mazzella, Watisoni Vortu; Gabin Lorre, Tevita Boseiwaqa.

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