Pro D2: in Vannes, in the third place, Béziers will field a reshuffled team which intends to play the big arms

Pro D2: in Vannes, in the third place, Béziers will field a reshuffled team which intends to play the big arms

Pierrick Gunther sera un des leaders de jeu de Béziers à Vannes.

A good number of players, usually starters, will not be traveling to Brittany. Despite this, on the ASBH side, we are assured that the players lined up will be able to do well in the game.

Several players very often starting, left to rest (Malié, Marques, Koen, Madigan, Lorre, Van Bost, Nkinsi…), young people thrown into the deep end (seven players are currently at the training center ;and four passed through) and elements which attack hostilities for the first time. The Béziers staff have taken the gamble of rotating their team which will travel this Thursday, February 22, to Vannes (7 p.m.). Knowing that captain Clément Ancely, or even third line center Thomas Hoarau who returned to the group, were injured against Mont-de-Marsan last weekend. Without forgetting the absence of the formidable winger Raffaele Storti, also in the infirmary.

The best team of the moment

In short, what makes one wonder if the Béziers camp has not decided, given all the damage recorded in its ranks in recent times, to save money a large part of its key elements in a part which promises to be XXL size. Especially since behind, Béziers receives Brive and has no room for error. "Not at all, assures Benjamin Bagate, the club's sports director. We have put together a competitive team, the best at the moment. We continue to exercise the policy of "the strong man of the moment". As we all said after the match against Mont-de-Marsan (Beziers 25-20 victory), we can count on 50 players and we need to challenge everyone. This match will also allow certain players like Nicolas Plazy to resume."

The players who will be aligned on the front of La Robine, do not leave, in any case, with the flower in the gun. As an old hand from the meadows, Pierrick Gunther who will be captain, assures that it would be a mistake: "This type of match can be double-edged, he assures. Either we hang on and it will come down to a few points, or we do nothing good and will take 80."

Putting yourself forward

The ASBH third row affirms that his team will not travel to the Bretons as victims. He ensures that everyone is ready to fight. Especially since this part among the third in the ranking can allow some to put themselves forward. This would not, moreover, be a luxury in view of a final straight line which remains strewn with pitfalls: "Sur l&# 39;everyone wants to bring back a result, I don't ask myself any questions, assures Pierrick Gunther. Everyone has a card to play. We have nothing to lose in this match. Between our state of mind and the fact that this match will be played in front of 11,000 people, in a beautiful stadium and live on TV, no one will want to miss this meeting."

Knowing that it is obvious that Vannes, currently third, will do everything to raise its arms to the sky. A victory over Béziers would, in fact, allow it to climb the rankings. If Béziers loses while Provence rugby, the second, wins at Soyaux Angoulême, Béziers will even find itself third.

Thursday February 22, at 9 p.m. at La Robine stadium:

 BEZIERS: Dreuile- Alquier, Recor, Votu, Plazy- (o) Nanaï Williams- (m) Goillot- Benoy, Selma, Gunther (cap.)- Gayraud, Bitz- Tchelidze, Gonzalez, Akhaladze. Substitutes: Boulassel, Samper, Mailulu, Canaleta, Short, Glynn, Vacquier, Arroyo.

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