Pro of two-wheel accessories, Tecno Globe changes gear and thinks bigger

Pro of two-wheel accessories, Tecno Globe changes gear and thinks bigger

la petite société est basée au sud de Lodève, dans la zone la Méridienne d'où elle fabrique et distribue toutes ses gammes de produits. dans le Lodévois, Midi Libre – A.M.

Spécialiste de matériels et vêtements pour lesvmotos et vélos, la société lodévoise rachetée en 2021 par le groupe finlandais Duell, a engagé une restructuration en profondeur.

Located south of Lodève, in the La Méridienne area along the A75 in Bosc, Tecno Globe has reached a milestone in its development by expanding its range of activities. The main French supplier of high-tech products for two-wheelers which it distributes in specialized stores in France, the Lodévois company bought in 2021 by the Finnish group Duell, invested in 2023 in a large warehouse of 6,200 m&sup2 ; on the Larzac.

"We continue to operate independently under our own brand but for three years we have been part of the Duell Bike-Center group, the largest distributor of parts and clothing for motor sports in the Nordic countries" indicates Dennis Becker, the former general director who arrived in 2020 who succeeded the creator of the SARL Fabrice Chrétien the following year. "The group wanted to establish itself in France and open up to the south of Europe, particularly in Spain." A buyout accompanied by an in-depth restructuring. "We had to reassure the employees, explain to them the strategy to reinvent ourselves, what we wanted to move towards ."

Changes and investments

The new CEO of German origin who worked for twelve years in Scandinavia, first bet on investing in the well-being of his 43 employees with management based on respect and mutual aid.

"We establish communication and meeting times to promote a relationship of trust between us. We also provide them with vehicles to come and work. Because it’s not easy to attract employees here, from the Metropolis in particular." The manager has also chosen to develop a service marketing, a communications department, to recruit exclusive salespeople. And invest in logistics to expand its range of activities

"It’s new, continues the boss. Thanks to Duell, we now have more than 500 references that we market to professionals." Including certain bulky products such as clothing, helmets or tires…

Pro of two-wheel accessories, Tecno Globe changes gear and thinks bigger

Dennis Becker in the large 6,200m² warehouse that the company has set up on Larzac, in La Cavalerie. Free Midi – ALAIN MENDEZ

"Our 1000 m² in Bosc were not enough. And it was in the south of Larzac, in La Cavalerie, less than 30 minutes from the headquarters that Tecno Globe found a warehouse of 6200 m² which the company rents and has fitted out. Four people work there, she plans to recruit two more.

Distributor, manufacturer and now logistician

"We have a modern storage and shipping site which will also allow us to serve as a depot for other customers". A choice that had to be financed.

"It’s not been easy. To be able to invest, we had to optimize all positions, review contracts, change habits, include the eco-responsible aspect with the employment and well-being of our employees as a priority. We gritted our teeth but today this strategy is paying off , concludes Dennis Becker. To the point of giving itself the objective of going from 21 M€ of turnover in 2023 at 25 M€ in 2024. While keeping our own identity to which we are attached. Because Tecno Globe is known and well identified throughout France for the technological innovation of the products it distributes or manufactures, and which tell a story."< /p> I subscribe to read more

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