Pro sport still takes a hit

Professional sport is still working

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For the umpteenth time since March 2020, professional and amateur sport is affected by government restrictions linked to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Omicron variant. Thursday, in the space of a few hours, Quebec organizations and leagues were forced to take a significant step back. & nbsp;

We saw it with the Canadiens' closed-door game at the Bell Center. The whole thing was announced just two hours before the first throw-in. & Nbsp;

As of this writing, the Canadiens are uncertain whether their game scheduled for Saturday night will still be behind closed doors or with a small crowd. Of course, it will also be necessary to monitor the situation of the Boston Bruins, the next visitors to the Bell Center, who have been struggling with an outbreak for the past few days. & Nbsp;

Then, starting Monday, every Sports amphitheatres on Quebec soil will be limited to a reception capacity of 50%. The Canadian has already secured assurances that he will be able to present his January fixtures with a crowd of around 10,000.

The entryways to the amphitheater could read this message.

The GYM gala remains

The decision of the Legault government and Public Health will also have a significant impact on the Laval Rocket, the Trois-Rivières Lions and the Major Junior Hockey League of Quebec (LHJMQ). & nbsp;

In the early evening, the Rocket announced that they will play their Friday night game against the Providence Bruins behind closed doors. The December 29 game against Syracuse will be presented with a reduced hosting capacity of 50%. The same goes for the games in January. & Nbsp;

Friday evening, at the Bell Center, there is a boxing gala with two world championship fights. For the moment, the event will be presented as planned. & Nbsp;

“& nbsp; We contacted the Régie and we have our boxing card with the public, confirmed the promoter Yvon Michel in the evening. No one informed us otherwise. Our case will be evaluated in the next few hours, but the fact that we have a proven protocol will help us. & Nbsp; “

The presence of spectators is crucial for the profitability of the event which features champion Artur Beterbiev and Quebecer Marie-Ève ​​Dicaire. & Nbsp;

If the gala can take place as planned, it must also be think about those that are due to take place in January. GYM and Eye of the Tiger Management each have an event planned at the Casino de Montreal. & Nbsp;

However, according to the latest announcements, the two promoters will be able to fill up to its capacity of 500 seats. & Nbsp ;

QMJHL: no change

As for the QMJHL, the amphitheatres should “& nbsp; in theory & nbsp;” be able to fill up for the games scheduled for Friday and Saturday, the league told us on Thursday. They are the last on the calendar before the Christmas break, which ends on December 28. & Nbsp;

But the circuit was unwilling to react immediately to the government announcements. Early in the day, the deputy commissioner, Martin Lavallée, indicated that the league “& nbsp; wanted to maintain its activities & nbsp;” as they had been taking place since the start of the season, that is to say without restriction on the number of spectators, in particular. following an event related to our league, whether it is a game, a training session or a promotional event & nbsp; “, said M. Lavallée.

– & nbsp; With the collaboration of Jessica Lapinski

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