Probe “New horizons” came to the edge of the Solar system

Зонд "Новые горизонты" подошел к краю Солнечной системы

Far beyond Pluto, the probe encountered no invisible “wall”

The mission of the unit “New horizons” came to the edge of the Solar system, the probe was fixed something long ago, scientists predicted. On the removal of 6 billion kilometers from Earth, far beyond Pluto probe ran into a “wall”, writes the with reference for Today.

Apparently, the machine finds the sign of the farthest reach of the solar energy – wall hydrogen. Measuring “New horizons” coincided with the readings of “Voyager”, launched to this area 30 years ago.

The light of the Sun sends charged particles in all directions, and they cause particles of hydrogen in the space between the planets release characteristic ultraviolet light. In the end, the energy of the Sun is weakening, creating the boundary where interstellar hydrogen accumulates at the border of the outgoing pressure caused by the energy of the solar wind.

Using a tool called Alice that is installed on New horizons, scientists have found 360-degree UV emission. But at a certain distance from the Sun to this signal is added brightness, maybe from the particles of hydrogen outside the Solar system, interacting with the far reaches of the solar wind.

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