Probki 2019 in Ukraine: date of funeral days

Funeral days after 2019 Easter: how and when marked grabke in Ukraine

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Гробки 2019 в Украине: дата поминальных дней

Memorial days 2019

When memorial days 2019 in Ukraine, find out in our article.

Probki 2019 in Ukraine, which are also known as the memorial or parent days, Wire, Wiring, Red hill, Grandparents, day of rejoicing, come soon after Easter.

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Memorial days 2019 give the opportunity for believers and atheists to remember all their deceased relatives, pray for the repose of their souls, to think of all the good they did, and what was your connection with life.

The second week after Easter Sunday is marked by the memory of deceased relatives, and many of the rituals and traditions of the Slavic people during this period are associated with the Wake. People go to Church, light candles and pray for the souls of their dead relatives and visit the graves, bring flowers and Easter treats for supper.

The main and final day in a series of memorial day is a day of rejoicing, which is celebrated on the ninth day after Easter. Since Easter 2019 is celebrated on April 28, the day of rejoicing in the current year falls on Tuesday, 7 may. It is believed that until the ninth day after Easter the souls of the dead visit the earth, and therefore it is important to have time to remember them during this period, no later than the onset of Radonitsa.

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In different regions of Ukraine grabke and wires can fall on different days. Most often because of the work schedule and employment of people probki held on the following weekend after Easter, ie 4 and 5 may. In a memorial day 2019 municipal utilities operates a public transportation to the cemetery, specifically so that people can follow tradition to visit the graves of deceased relatives.

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