Producer of the film “Сквот32” Andrey Ermak about the movie, the acting caste, and future projects

Andrey Ermak told about how for the second time in the history of cinema, starred Femen

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Продюсер фильма "Сквот32" Андрей Ермак о съемках картины, актерском касте и дальнейших проектах

Andrey Ermak

Ukrainian film industry in the past became interesting to produce a quality product. Movies I want to watch these stories believe, and most importantly – the action mostly taking place in Ukraine. Producer of the successful film “the forest”, won the Crystal globe in Karlovy vary, Andrey Ermak said in an interview Today.Lifestyle of the new movie “Сквот32” funny stories during the filming and Femen in the picture.

Продюсер фильма "Сквот32" Андрей Ермак о съемках картины, актерском касте и дальнейших проектах

Andrey Ermak: “I prefer to create a microcosm around himself”

Do you accept those projects that you “hooked”. What “hooked” you, this story, which began with “Сквот32”? Anyone has any idea of such a film?

– I was hooked the story of the old house in Kiev. Ukrainian writer Luko Dashvar (Irina Chernova) described a story that took place really in the house. I met with the prototype of our heroine in our film – photographer Yevgenia Belorusets. And the story is this: was the house that wanted to carry, people do not sell their apartments, did not want to leave. Residents without electricity, gas, water, electricity. People lived in these conditions for several years. Jack found the house, began to photograph him. Did the whole series of pictures, the story hooked. Then these photos sent to the international competition, received the prize, a photo exhibition was in Kiev. But nothing happened.

This project was one of the winners of the state. First, we have Director was Irina Gromozda. On her initiative we began to think that this story needs a little updating, to make it more lively and optimistic. In this regard, I like the phrase another Director of Vyachelav of Krishtofovich. He said that whatever the film’s story, it is important to show at the end of hope. So, I wanted this hope appeared in the film “Сквот32”.

Then began a difficult process: to change the writers, and the Director has changed. In the end, the directing, the script and the story written by two people: Anna A. (Samonina) and Bogdan Pankrukhin. The story became more alive, which is shown after the events. History, when the house only has one resident, and it turns into a squat.

– How much time is spent on writing the script?

In total, since my joining the project to completion took about two years. We started to shoot, then interrupted, then continued.

– How you personally feel about squatting? Been to Ukrainian or European squats?

– To be honest, before this project didn’t even know what it is. Naturally, I began to wonder. Visited a squat in Berlin on the tour. It is rather squat in the past, now it’s more of a show. And as for how I feel about squats… You know, I everything new, positive, interesting are good. And actually, I think, and the idea of the film is such that very often the people we think are weird, people who break any stereotypes – they are the most normal in our lives. So first you need to understand all the oddities, nepokorennyh, the intricacies, and then to build relationships to it.

– Where the film was shot? It was a pavilion, or was shot in a real haunted house?

We found the location. This location is in the territory of the Institute of food technologies in Kiev on Vladimirskaya street. Very interesting building, beautiful picture turned out. The University has had on us support in this, for which we are grateful. Of course there was the scenery. Of course, we were worried about safety, but, thank God, everything went without incidents and injuries.

Продюсер фильма "Сквот32" Андрей Ермак о съемках картины, актерском касте и дальнейших проектах

Andrey Ermak: “I want everyone to see that we have an interesting beautiful country and talented young people”

– The biggest serious day of shooting remember? What was he like?

– We had several, probably the most serious shooting days when our heroes were preparing a Performance – a theatrical musical show with lots of dancers, singers, visualization. The idea of this show was to show that sometimes art, young energy can move mountains without aggression, without violence. Art is a very powerful weapon. So for this scene was great scenery, a lot of people in the frame, and then another, and it was very cold…

– Where did you draw ideas in addition to books, photos? Who was the mastermind?

– I am very happy to have met wonderful young people who played the main role in this picture. Besides Anna Adamovich, which played a major role in the film, the girl Lisa, most of the starred non-professional actors. But these are people of the highest professionalism in the business. The main role we have played Sasha Bogachuk – the world champion of break dance. Also starred Sandra Sambo – a great graffiti artist. This beatboxer MC Fame (Vyacheslav Semenchenko – edition) – DJ, composer, one of the authors of our soundtrack, and Den Da Funk (Denis Mihalchenko – ed.). By the way, in the film, the audience will hear music ONUKA, Jamala, The Cancel Band. The music is trendy, modern and very importantly – she’s all ours. In fact, these guys created the atmosphere of the film, created around this entourage, they were in some moments the co-authors of the script.

Now the film is Alexander Lidagovskiy. As he proved himself in the Director’s chair? He is a debutant?

– Yes, this is his first picture. Sasha is a very well-educated, intelligent, smart young man who listened to the advice of a more experienced operator – Vladimir Ivanov. It was difficult, because faced two worlds: the professional world of actors and movie and free world of hip-hop mopes, and artists. But Sasha nailed it, he is a man of good thorough. I think he has a great future.

Продюсер фильма "Сквот32" Андрей Ермак о съемках картины, актерском касте и дальнейших проектах

Andrey Ermak: “All problems while a person is alive–“

We started talking about the cast. Tell us about the guys. Was auditions or specific roles had been invited specific people? What did you like?

– I prefer to create a microcosm around him, although unable to experiment, look for new people. But the casting in this project I worked with Alla Samoilenko. The only thing I showed my principal the production decision is the approval of Actresses for the lead role. Sasha Ludogoscha had doubts. For the final selection we have two candidates: Anna Adamovich and Eugene Muts. In the end, Jack starred in another my project “Peracute” and Anne starred in “Сквот32”.

The guys are all good friends, they are all very interesting, self-sufficient, they are filled with the atmosphere of the film. Recently, we had (actors, writers, etc.) meetings at universities in major cities of Ukraine (now it is already 12 major cities). Of course, we talked about the film, but mostly it was more of a motivational meeting, live communication. It was such an energy exchange. And students, and our guys opened up in new ways, emotionally. I remember a meeting in Kyiv. Anna Aleksandrovich revealed a completely new side. She is the mother of three children, positive and lively people. She told how preparing for one role many years ago, but didn’t know how to sing. And that role just had. So she almost settled in the Studio and learned to sing. And one of the students said, “now sing!”. And Anya sang. It was bright!

– What significant challenges or barriers were faced during filming?

– I do believe that all problems while a person is alive that could be solved. During the filming I would happen, but we, thank God, it did. For example, one of their filming days coincided with the marathon in Kiev and two locations were in the center. But thanks, there’s people everywhere with the understanding that support of the Ukrainian cinema. And that’s the issue with Zoryane Shkiryak and the chief of the Kiev police managed to solve it. Although she didn’t seem to be solved. We have selected some point, there was a pause, we carried out we were shooting quickly. It was interesting.

– Usually shooting a lot of funny and amusing moments. What did you have?

– There is a funny moment, which I liked. Our heroine in the film works at the visa application centre, taking pictures of people. My idea was to show in this center different people with their problems, and cockroaches in my head. Just like the scene played a former TV presenter, famous athlete Valery Kruk. Lera is a very nice charming man, but played such a bitchy blonde who is rude to our main character. It will be very funny. So she’s in this bitch reincarnated.

Продюсер фильма "Сквот32" Андрей Ермак о съемках картины, актерском касте и дальнейших проектах

Andrey Ermak: “for the Second time in the history of movies we have filmed Femen”

– With what has faced for the first time in creating this film?

– First, for the second time in the history of film we have shot Femen. The first time they starred in the TV series “Young Dad” with Jude law in the title role. I will not say at some stage. (Laughs) Then, it is worth considering that many non-professional actors. But they coped brilliantly with their roles.

– In the film there are scenes with dancing. What were the challenges in filming such scenes?

– Difficulty really was. During the filming of Performance was a cold evening and the stage was slippery. In my opinion, it was snowing. It was difficult, exciting, cold, everyone was excited. The shooting took place almost overnight. And now, watching the movie, I was so passionate about this scene, so I feel these moments, just forget about those difficulties which in the filming of this scene.

– Who was preparing to dance?

– Oversaw it all Sasha Bogachuk also helped us Sasha Yarmak – professional dancers. We also withdrew the Roman Commentco (Armo), who also played one of the main characters in the film “Let’s dance”.

– Has everything been implemented on the set? Were there any scenes that were left on the paper?

– Of course not. But there is always the feeling that we could do better, more of something is not enough. But I’m happy with the result. I see what work was conducted, how many people worked on this, put his heart, hand, time.

– You managed to show in the movie what you wanted?

– Our film is not Arthouse, but not a Comedy. It is a romantic story of our contemporaries, seasoned with good music, drive, atmosphere. And after the film are very positive feeling. This, I believe, managed to do.

First, we showed an incredibly beautiful Kiev. Even the nearest looks like advertising fashion brands. European Kiev looks bright. Very music “lies” in this story. I am grateful to Jamal for her song “Creel”.

– Do you have a favorite movie scene? Or maybe just interesting stories while filming?

– Yes, of course. There are several scenes when Lisa (the heroine Anna Adamovich – ed.) goes on the squat, photographs. Our operator Vova Ivanov is a great artist, so deeply felt, he is a great artist. He made incredibly beautiful pictures: Anya, a beautiful picture graffiti, old house. Another scene I like. The film starred Kate Bagirka designer, photographer, song writes itself. So, there are moments where we gave her freedom and I’m glad that some of her phrases sounded so organically, that was included in the final version. She felt the right moments.

Pinning hopes on this film?

– Of course. I would really like to see the film was financially successful. Not because to make money, although that too. I want to show that we in Ukraine can be successful and the movies. I’ll be happy if the result of our work will be appreciated. It seems to me that film could be an interesting story and festival. Primarily because this film shows a completely different Ukraine. And I really want our country associated not only with the war, politicians and scandals. I want everyone to see that we have an interesting beautiful country and talented young people, good deep music. I think it will be good if the film will go to several international festivals.

Three words describe the film “Сквот32” how you feel?

Is a film about finding yourself, the film is about modern Ukrainian youth. A film about the Ukrainian European youth, so precise. And this is a film about hope. About the light at the end of the tunnel.

Andrey Ermak about the film “Сквот32”

– In rolling out the film “Let’s dance”. There’s a lot of dancing, a lot of young people. You watched this movie?

– Honestly, just physically no time, not watched. Haven’t been to the movies. What they can see is when a minute on the plane, trips. Heard reviews and they are very good. I am one of those people who rejoices in others ‘ successes. I believe that the more good, the more talented people we have, the happier we will be.

– What can you say about the Ukrainian cinema now, how do you see its future?

I believe in our people, we have a lot of talented good people. The industry is evolving, and the Ukrainian cinema has a glorious history. It is now revived and largely due to the personalities. I believe that only the person doing the story, make a good movie. This galaxy of Ukrainian actors, and a number of talented Directors, this is a well-coordinated teams.

However, there is a huge problem. First, the lack of education. Even by nature talented guys are uneducated. They know nothing, nothing I watched or read. And, unfortunately, if you don’t know the history of world cinema – it is difficult to develop.

The second point: the state recent years, allocates huge amounts of money. This, of course, can not affect the number of movies that appear in recent years. But sometimes they are sent not quite where would have to go. And not always the quantity turns into quality. Unfortunately, it’s not even very talented people fail to understand that they’re not talented, because moving from one project to another. Little people.

Andrey Ermak about Ukrainian movies now

We need to learn to develop in co-productions and international projects. Because there is a growth problem. We can not sell, can not imagine, as it is, for example, does Poland. But it is impossible not to note the great breakthrough that we are witnessing in recent years.

For example, I now want to make a new big step was to present the premiere of the film “Peracute” (film Director Vyacheslav Krishtofovich – ed.) in the five largest cities in the world. These Ministers have the desire to invite the elites in these countries. Not only employees of our Embassy, not only compatriots. It is important that the film saw members of the government and so on. This film is worthy. I want to show Ukraine with a good story. The world wants to see Ukraine with a human face!

And the task today, including filmmakers, to implement it. I am an optimist and believe that the Ukrainian filmmakers just have in the coming years to lead or “Oscar” from Los Angeles, or the silver bear from the Berlin Palme d’or with the Cannes or the lion of Venice. We will not understand if we do not do this.

– Do you think it is good to introduce a new one, or should we stick to the old traditions in a movie?

– Despite the fact that the film keeps pace with the times, while there are many different traditions, will. Many of them are harmless, but there are those who, in my opinion, are relics of the past and not carry any meaning. That’s why I always say that the most important thing is to take high-quality movie. And here, for example, the film “head Iz asenime ochima”, the producer of which I decided not to beat a plate, and put instead a tree. Great! And nothing happened bad movies, too. These things need to implement. Well when retained some traditions of the classics, but it felt the pulse of time. We live in the 21st century! (Laughs). We must not forget that cinema is a business. And, if we’re talking about films made with state support, that, in my opinion, these films have to tell about our country, and bring glory to our country.

May there be more films. More successful films. Don’t need envy to destroy it. I would like more kindness and not jealousy and professional envy. This very much now and this must be addressed now.

Продюсер фильма "Сквот32" Андрей Ермак о съемках картины, актерском касте и дальнейших проектах

Andrey Ermak: “I would Like more kindness, not professional jealousy and envy”

– What genre of film would you like to remove? Blockbuster, fantasy, detective?

We are now very close to the realization of two large international projects with my Israeli and American partners. One of them is a political Thriller whose events occur we, in Ukraine. And I am very grateful to my friend, Director guy Moshe, who came to Ukraine. He so admired the Kiev, Odessa, that made changes to the script and moved the event out of town in one of the European countries here in Ukraine. In the center of the story – two friends. One of them is American and the other Ukrainian, save the world. And for me it is important that the Ukrainian character is one of the main in this story. Since this action, I hope that his first visit to Kyiv will be the venue for the filming of international blockbuster.

And there is an interesting project that I hope will be the first co-production with Israel, with whom the contract only last year, was ratified by our Parliament.

And, of course, I would like to make a movie from the category of “Paris, I love you.” I would like to make a film about his hometown, which has changed. And changed because the people changed – they don’t know what it was. I’d like to remove a story that will give you the opportunity to show what Kiev, in than his charm. I think very few people understand it. It turns into a city, which he never was. And his true soul forgotten. Just a light story about love, about people.

Recall that the Ukrainian film company Garnet international media group will soon present a new full-length youth film “Сквот32”, and while the network has the trailer.

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Продюсер фильма "Сквот32" Андрей Ермак о съемках картины, актерском касте и дальнейших проектах

Продюсер фильма "Сквот32" Андрей Ермак о съемках картины, актерском касте и дальнейших проектах

Продюсер фильма "Сквот32" Андрей Ермак о съемках картины, актерском касте и дальнейших проектах


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