Prohibited from volunteering in NURSING homes

Interdit de bénévolat en CHSLD

A consultant came to lend a hand in a CHSLD is refuse to work for free and it will have to be limited to five days per month in order not to lose its Performance in canadian emergency department (PKU).

Originally, Patrick Duchesneau was believed to give a hand gracefully, after having heard the call of the prime minister François Legault to register to the platform, ” I can help “. With the pandemic, its important contract in the field of aviation had been cancelled in the first days of the confinement. “I fell on the PKU,” says the computer consultant.

“But when the people of the “I contribute” called me a month later, they told me that I would be paid “, he explains. Wishing to keep the time to seek contracts in its domain, it then agrees to work as an aid to service a dozen days per month at the CHSLD Georges-Phaneuf, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Work more, earn less

But the rules of the PCU and the intransigence of the bureaucracy in quebec would eventually be limited to five days.

“From the moment I win $ 1000, I can no longer work. Because if I go over even $ 10, I lose $ 2000 PCU “, regrets Patrick Duchesneau.

In other words, to work five more days he would bring in approximately $ 300 less than staying at home. Worse, 10 days of work would allow him to win 1728 from $ 2864 $ if he has PKU and only five days in a CHSLD.

However, the employment insurance allows you to deduct the amount earned from the delivery, without that the full amount is lost, ” he stressed.

Not volunteer

Patrick Duchesneau has therefore offered to come and volunteer to help for the extra days. “They don’t want to ! “, said he.

In fact, the CISSS de la Montérégie-Centre confirms that the volunteer is prohibited in its facilities due to the pandemic.

On the one hand, ” the people that we help by “I can help” are titles of jobs specified in the nomenclature of the network of health and social services “and thus are paid,” explained a spokesperson for the CISSS, Martine Lesage, last week.

Avoid high traffic

On the other hand, “in the context of the pandemic, our volunteer activities have temporarily stopped in order to avoid too much traffic in our facilities,” she added.

“So, I’m going to work five days per month,” concludes Patrick Duchesneau. This is the maximum that I can do, otherwise I have to pay to go to help. “

Damage, says the it specialist who enjoys his experience in a CHSLD.

After retirement, he is planning to continue to come and give a helping hand. “It makes me a huge well mentally “, he says.

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