Projects unusual made through the containment

Des projets insolites réalisés grâce au confinement

Locked up at home, many canadians have decided to make the most possible to the containment, by taking advantage of their new free time to complete projects is unusual that they would never have had the time to do otherwise.

Loss of employment, businesses closed temporarily, remote school. While Quebec was on break, several were looking for anything to occupy their free time.

If a good number of them have taken the opportunity to set in motion ideas that they wanted to achieve for a long time, others have rather let go their creativity.

Here are a few projects out of the ordinary and colorful, done in very large part thanks to the containment.

A sailboat revamped

A young couple from Quebec took advantage of his free time during the quarantine to renovate an old sailing ship dating back to 1986 bought last summer.

“We decided to put it to our taste,” says Magalie Masson, 22 years. All the interior decoration was old, there was a lot of carpet, it became dry, there was a bit of mold. It was brown, dark. “She and her boyfriend, Jerome Roy, 23 years old, have worked full-time on the boat for a month and a half to deliver it to the taste of the day.

The timing was perfect for this young student. “There it ends “, she adds, proud of the result.

Fresh vegetables galore

Cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, shallots, strawberries, squash, beans… The list of vegetables that grow in the greenhouse built by Bruno Couture, 49 years old, could go on for a long time.

As many quebec households, the family of Lac-Mégantic, in Estrie, has benefited from the containment to build a garden. “I love vegetables, but I got hurt at work so I am no longer able to consider myself,” says his wife Melissa Lessard, 41 years of age. With the trays high, I don’t need to look. We did it big ! As to do, we can do canning and freezing in the fall. ”


After you have learned to make their own bread and made himself a garden, Geneviève Coulombe-Lévesque, 35, and her partner had the sudden idea to build a chicken coop for welcoming fellow adults. “My husband works in construction. It was easy for him to do that ! He decided to embark on a small project… of chickens ! “she said, laughing.

It took almost a month of time lost to arrive at the result, a project that the couple from Sainte-Luce, Bas-Saint-Laurent, would never have had the time to do otherwise. Are they going to go farther in their self-sufficiency ? “We stop here,” exclaimed the lady. My spouse has returned to work, and me in the meantime, I’m taking care of the chickens ! ”

A floor made of pennies

For more than a year, Laila Zeidi, 39 years old, earns pennies by canadians in the intention of paving his coming home : a daunting task since they are no longer in circulation.

Fan of the video game series Zelda, the Laval explains that he took between 4000 and 5000 in black to make the pattern.

“It had been several years since I contemplated the idea of doing it in my hallway because it is a surface that is not too large. When you work full-time, it is difficult to find a period of time to devote to a project, ” she says, very satisfied with his work.

Back to his passion

Catherine Parent, 40 years old, has benefited from two months of isolation to get back to his passion : painting.

The artist was painting since her early childhood, before the obligations of daily life does not turn from his true passion.

“I didn’t have the time to get that back. Especially as I had to take care of my son, my home, ” says the mother of a 7-year old boy. She had sold a painting to the supreme Court of Canada in 2017.

Since the confinement she has sold four paintings — one of which to over $ 1,500 — and has received five new orders.

The artist of Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac in the Lower Laurentians, is also in discussion to print his works on sweaters in a large chain of clothing quebec.

“I would not have been able to do otherwise. There is not only the negative in a crisis, ” concludes the artist.

– Stéphane Sinclair

Drawing project

Starting from a drawing of their daughter, Anick Belleau and her husband have built a cabin in the wood reused around her bed to teach her that it is possible to do great things from a simple sketch.

“It’s not in our habit of not working, it is never arrested. We are people of projects, and we wanted to transmit these values to our children, ” said a teacher of 37 years, who lives at Alma, in the Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean.

To encourage their three daughters to be hard working, parents were asked what project they would like to achieve during the confinement. The two oldest have opted instead for a project of video clips in science, intended for students of Ms. Belleau.

A cat… vanilla

Danoë Balmir, 29 years old, has benefited from the containment to try out new techniques of baking.

“After the trips, the making of cake is really my greatest passion. Those that I do are more “cartoonesques”. I’ve tried to make it more realistic, ” said the Montrealer, who often offers his famous cakes as a gift.

To sculpt the vanilla cake in the shape of a cat and draw the details, she has used tools similar to those used for clay.

The creation required about six hours of work.

A robot smiling

To bring a smile to the passers-by in the street and encourage his little cousin to come walk with her, Amélie Bérubé, 14 years, has decided to build a suit of robot as a project of containment.

“I had seen the world déguisait in dinosaur inflatable and that would be in the streets to make people smile,” says the ado of Sept-Îles, on the North Shore.

It took him three days to build, paste, and paint his robot ” It’s going to go well “.

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