Projet Montréal says it is in good financial health

Projet Montréal se dit en bonne santé financière

A year and a half before the municipal election of November 2021, the party of the mayor Valerie Plant, Project Montréal, is not worried about his finances and is considered to be in a good position for the future.

The party that had ended the year 2018 with 234 000 $ in its coffers has added 167 000 $ to this sum in 2019, and now has 402 000 $.

A large portion of this amount, approximately 347 000 $, consists of net assets are liquid and could therefore be used quickly, stressed the director of communications of the party, Julian Acosta. In comparison, two years before the election of 2017, approximately 123 000 $ were available.

In addition, the party is not in debt, has assured Mr. Acosta.

“The rigorous work of recent years has provided a substantial amount to 18 months of the elections”, welcomed the new director general of projet Montréal, Raphaëlle Rinfret-Pilon.

This provides “a cushion to still be comfortable”, despite the pandemic. “We started the year; unfortunately, the COVID-19 comes to disrupt our plans,” she said.


Note that two litigation also weigh in the balance. Projet Montréal intends to challenge, according to its financial report in 2019.

The most important is related to the proposed park West of the administration Plant. The promoters of the real estate project, Cape-Nature Pierrefonds-West have filed a lawsuit $ 178.1 million $ against the City of Montreal and other parties, including projet Montréal.

An individual alleging they have not been paid for its services continues as the party for 15 000 $.

More donors

The number of donors has increased in 2019, with 1247 people who have paid more than $ 50 in the party, against 1066 in 2018, while 236 people who have given less than$ 50, compared to 115 the previous year. The new accessions, to around 600, were little changed.

If the individual contributions were reported a little more than $ 200 000, the City of Montreal takes a good part of the expenses. Allowances, research costs and other reimbursed expenses are around $1.3 million.

For 2020, the funding goals have been scaled down, since many activities could not take place due to the COVID-19.

“We’re not going to go asking for money for our party to families who have difficulty. It keeps a small discomfort as in everything,” added Ms. Rinfret-Pilon.

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