Prospects Hyperloop in Ukraine: the tickets cheaper than the train and plane

Перспективы Hyperloop в Украине: билеты дешевле, чем на поезд и самолет

The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine assessed the possibility of creating a nationwide system of high-speed communication. So, according to some estimates, the construction of a kilometer of ground Hyperloop tubes (the transportation system, consisting of steel tubes, inside which moves the train) can cost about $ 10 million.

Deputy head of Directorate of the state policy in the field of digital infrastructure on transport of the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine Farid Safarov in the comments UNIAN said that it is cheaper than building a railroad. “However, if you build an underground Hyperloop, it increases the cost of construction time 8”, — he added.

According to officials, the ticket price has not yet been miscalculated, as all those involved in the development of Hyperloop, the more I look at the freight: “it All starts with transportation. Until we make sure everything is safe, then the companies, few will go. But from the point of view of the ticket, it will be cheaper than the plane and train is to maintain the infrastructure in Hyperloop is cheaper”. Also Farid Safarov said that this kind of communication will allow, for example, to get from Odessa to Kiev a maximum of 30 minutes.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the estimated cost of the Hyperloop project in Ukraine. There are plans in 2018 to start, and in 2019 and build a test platform to run the vacuum train.

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