Protest against the wearing of the mask: “today, there is more of a pandemic”

Manifestation contre le port du masque: «Aujourd’hui, y’en a plus de pandémie»

Several hundred people are gathered in St. Georges in the Beauce region Saturday to protest against the health measures imposed by Quebec and, in particular, the port of the mask.

This event is organized by the merchants and entrepreneurs of the region who have called on the population to express their disagreement on this measure introduced in enclosed public places, to combat the pandemic of COVID-19.

Several say they are not against the mask itself, but that this should be the choice of the person.

“They would have had to be there when the pandemic was there. Today, there is more of a pandemic! They went off to get the case in NURSING homes. The pandemic is in NURSING homes for years (…) Currently, there are no cases in the Beauce. This is why for me the word mandatory… I’m willing to accept that the world wears the mask, but they are mandatory, not at all,” said a female protester to VAT New.

“In Quebec, I think it was sanitary measures, which mean that we are divided and we are fighting against each other. On one side you have sheep, on the other hand the conspiracy and they are more violent against each other on social networks and everywhere. This is not by dividing our population into two that we will enforce our rights to protect our freedoms,” added another participant.

The entrepreneurs also believe that this measure represents a heaviness in their proper functioning.

“I saw it on the social networks, the world is in the process of dividing. The goal in the background, it is for our rights and freedoms. We see that we are not all in agreement with the situation. Some people will decide to boycott the restaurants or shops when they don’t agree with it,” said one of the organizers of the event, Tim Poulin Package, the owner of the Jack Saloon Saint-Georges.

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