Protest prevents Doug Ford from returning home

A demonstration prevents Doug Ford from returning home

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A demonstration by anti-vaccine and anti-sanitary campaigners against COVID-19 has prevented the Premier of Ontario from returning home since the weekend.

“The Prime Minister and his family were unable to enter their home for most of the weekend or today because anti-vaccines protested outside their house,” said spokesperson for Doug Ford , Ivana Yelich, in a tweet Monday night.

Toronto police confirmed on Sunday that protesters gathered outside the Prime Minister's home in Toronto's Etobicoke neighborhood to protest against Ontario's vaccination strategy.

Protesters are known to frequent the front porch of the Premier's home throughout the pandemic to denounce the public health measures put in place to fight the spread of the virus.

Doug Ford also received his third dose of m Tuesday morning and urged the public to do the same.

“It is essential that every Ontarian is protected from #Omicron. If you are eligible for your vaccine and booster, please sign up today, ”he tweeted.

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